Absence of gravitiy is love

Every day im dreamin of a future without the gravitiy of negativity. The negativity is surrounding in my mind and it its disturbing very much. Every day the same minimalized frequencies that are raining from above over my body. The containing energies that are raining over me that they should pull me to the ground are fading. They cant hold me down anymore. It feels like the gravity is loosing his bad weight. The positivity is risin inside of me and takes away the strange feelings.

Every where I go every way i loose its in my direction to choose whatever it takes whoever it breakes. Nothing is going to chain it up until the ground to that nice heartbeat sound. The beautiful waves of gravitiyless moments is very impressing and positiv felt moments of pure love and pure energy. The funfairs in germany are great waving experience to fly inside the soul mention. Even the gravitiy is loosin his weight the strength of the body is turnin over and using the energies that comin up inside the body.

The flying airdancer of the body useness is producing hot circling energies, pure love inside his vanes. That evaluate the pains and destroying them. Even you pull away the negativity of your felt sorrows the joy will grow and beginn to glow. Even you further feel the prettyness of the beautiful world. Inside of your body the world beginns to shine and whenever you rise it will feel like a big surprise.

The right frequencies is letting flying you high above the ground and away from your artistic sorrows that disturb a better tomorrow without the worse sorrow. So let go every negativity that is only compunishing the weakness up and up what u dont need. We are not so weak that we need to push and pull the weakness up and up again. Use ur strength inside your mind. Use it to express.