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Check out @FerrumNetwork — a new fintech project launching with products, users and network utility pre-ICO! $FRM

Check out @FerrumNetwork — they are laser-focused on products, users, network utility, plus only a $6mil hard cap and tokens that burn with every transaction! $FRM

Check out @FerrumNetwork — the built a fiat gateway plus a peer-to-peer payments app in Nigeria — it’s like the Coinbase plus Venmo of Africa — and its launching pre-ICO! $FRM

Check out @FerrumNetwork — a revolutionary high-speed interoperability network that can execute BTC transactions instantly and which also works with fiat! $FRM

Check out @FerrumNetwork and their decentralized exchange — the Infinity DEX. The first high-speed cross-chain DEX w/advanced features like high-frequency trading, AI market predictions and Twitch implementation! $FRM

Check out @FerrumNetwork and their mobile payments app to instantly send fiat currencies peer-to-peer for near-zero fees — it’s like they built decentralized Venmo for the African market! $FRM

Check out @FerrumNetwork — they have a marketing partnership with @Gemini and will have the only fiat gateway in West Africa to offer @Gemini Dollar, a fully-regulated U.S. Dollar backed stable coin! $FRM

Check out @FerrumNetwork — they built an high-speed interoperability network, a fiat gateway and mobile payments application all before their #ICO! And their vertical line of decentralized financial applications will be launching post-ICO! $FRM

Check out @FerrumNetwork — finally spend #BTC on everyday transactions using their network because a BTC transaction in #FRM takes milliseconds and costs only around 1 cent in network fees! $FRM

Check out @FerrumNetwork — the first network where every transaction burns tokens and will have thousands of daily transactions based @KudiExchange users: the Coinbase + decentralized Venmo of Africa! $FRM