Notes to growth #9

I feel like the nature of my actions depends on the state that I am in and I don’t want that to be the case. I feel like I execute when I am confident in myself and I don’t when there’s self doubt creeping up on me.

Often I’ll be confident when I got validated by another person. I don’t want to be that dependent on another persons validation though. We got conditioned in that way, we are craving the validation of another person. I still have to break free of this part of conditioning. I have to respect the process and just be patient I guess. And never stop. And never look back. Look at NOW and the finish line. Stop being impacted by the past. Die in every moment to the present.

I got reminded of the well-roundedness of Paul Chek’s health philosophy when I watched a video of him today. I feel like it’s a shame that people like Vegan Gains have such a big audience on Youtube while Paul Chek is barely scratching the 70k subs. I guess I have to just spread the word in the right way.