Why I quit League of Legends — Notes to growth #3

If I do something, I wanna do it with 100% focus and I wanna be good at it.

I started playing League of Legends about 4 years ago and stopped about 1 year ago. The thing with any game is, that you can get really good at it if you practise it enough with the right mindset and it even has carry over to real life. If you master a game like chess, you know how to master things in general. You learned how to master. And you can easily apply that to real life. Same with any instrument or new languages that you learn. That’s why it’s always useful to do these things. You learn the process and you can apply it to life.

My goal was to get Challenger in League of Legends, which is the highest tier of all and only has a small number of players in it. And I wanted to become pro when I was 15. And I knew I could do it. But there was always the same problem. My internet connection was so bad that I literally lost 50% of my games and I won the other 50% of my games easily because I didn’t really belong into the tier I was at the time. Since my parents didn’t give me any support regarding my connection I had to make a decision. So I thought to myself…with this internet I will never reach challenger. I get disconnected every second game and I play with lag the remainder of the games.

So I quit. If I could never reach my goal, which was to actually make a living off the game, why would I keep putting my time into this shit? I could literally chose anything to become good at it. But I since never found anything that I was so passionate about. Anyway, I quit because if I can’t become pro, why would I play it at all? I hate being bad and playing far away from my potential. I think many people do. Either I do it with 100% focus, or I don’t do it at all. So I had no other choice than to stop playing it completely in my mind. Of course there is always opportunities, but this is just how I’m thinking about it.

And since I now stopped playing and feel back alot compared to the competition, I can’t start playing again, I only could if I could commit 10 hours of my day to playing League every year to playing League for 1 year consistently. Since that is not really possible in my situation, I won’t even try. I’ll have to find something else.