You are what you eat

This basic fact seems to be hard to accept by some people. I think people don’t like truths in general, because truths get subconsciously get recognized and the ego of the people responds to that. Truths also wake you up and let you see the illusion of your life. They let you observe in what false reality you have been living in and how you have been wrong. That’s hard to accept. For most people. I’ll take my own mother as and example in this story to make this legit.

I tried to explain to my mum that she is literally what she eats. Not only the flesh of her physical being but also the neurotransmitters, hormones in your body and the thoughts that you think. Yes. The thoughts that you think. If you only think negative thoughts there is a 95% chance you eat wrong. I tried to explain it to my mum, but she reacted immediately and coined that fact as bullshit. She said you eat and the food gets converted to energy to stay alive, but there’s nothing more to it.

I think in this specific case, the statement is hard to accept, because it low-key attacks your philosophy of eating and tells you you are doing something wrong or you are doing something right. And it’s only one simple sentence “You are what you eat”. And it still has such a deep rooted truth.

Every food you eat has a specific ratio of fats-proteins-carbs and if you eat them, they get processed in your digestive system and what can be resorbed, gets resorbed. So to be exact “You are what you resorb”- as also noted by Elliott Hulse in his book “King”. If you have for troube digesting proteins for example that also means you have trouble digesting fats. To digest proteins you also need to digest fats-they go together! That means that the health of your cells is impacted in a negative way and your whole body is automatically out of balance.

So literally everything you eat becomes you. If you eat a lot of refined sugars you are changing the biochemical processes in your body to the negative. Your whole thinking process is impacted in a negative way. Your character and your behaviour changes. Also, sugar is addictive and you don’t even realize that addictive substances enable you to be controlled. By who? Nobody specific. Just by the system in itself. You become a slave. This sounds very extreme, but it is really true.

This is why food can always be your medicine. With everything you eat you choose to die or live. You are moving on a continuum. If you eat correctly, you are literally pumping life force and the purest energy into your body. If your organs are sick, they will start to repair themselves. If your blood it too thick, your liver will start cleansing it more efficiently, which ultimately takes stress off of your heart. And as you may know, in the end, every human being dies of heart failure. E v e r y. o n e.

Okay sure, many people never really live…but that’s another story.

Much love and chi.