You can always heal

Healing seems to be what I am doing right now. What is healing even? Healing from what? I have no documented illness.

There wasn’t much in school that I enjoyed learning. But there was one thing that improved my view on health by quite a margin. It’s a model coined by Aaron Antonovsky, which encourages to look at health and disease on a continuum. That means that you have health on one side and illness on the other and that you can never fully reach on side of the array. You can never be 100% healthy and you can never be 100% sick. You are always both-healthy and sick- to some extent.

That implies that you can always improve your health to the better. I think this model can be really beneficial in todays world. We get overloaded with toxins from all kinds of sources and our body cannot handle them any more. We live disconnected from nature and our lifestyles are basically anti-life and anti-energy. You can say many things about society but this is true.

So when I look at health holistically and I see the stressors put upon a person by society, it becomes obvious that when I see I need to heal, I need to heal from the conditioning of society for one. I need to strip away everything negative that has been put upon me and restore my freedom. That is one part of healing. And this is what I am doing right now. It will take some time, but I’m already 2 years of healing in. Healing from this bullshit.

And I really noticed that the more you heal, the less you function in society. You don’t function on these useless terms anymore. You function on freedom, love and compassion.

This, of course, can be applied to all dimensions of health. Physical (neuromuscular, physiological, mobility), psychological, mental, social, spiritual and societal. You can always heal.