Spotting Dirndl-Density with Earth Imagery

I just discovered all the great APIs provided by NASA and highly recommend everyone checking them out:

While playing around with the Earth API, which provides earth imagery on a regular basis, I had a look at Munich during the seasons. Actually I could hardly recognize any major changes during the year, but one thing was quite obvious: one spot has sometimes white areas in it and sometimes not. Can you find it?

Earth imagery of Munich 2016 (NASA Earth API)

For someone living in Munich, that’s not a surprising finding. What you see from September to October are obviously the white tents of the Oktoberfest and the place is called the Theresienwiese. Why do we already see those tents in August? Well, the Oktoberfest needs some preparation beforehand. In April and December, there are also two smaller festivals located at this place, which is visible in the imagery data above.

Munich from above — September 2016 (NASA Earth API)

Of course, this is not a surprising finding. But it was a nice starter for playing around with this API and makes hunger for more. The API calls are also very straightforward, you just pass latitude, longitude, date and your API key to the url and that’s it. You won’t get images as above with those simple API calls, but need to write some code to stich different pictures together. I did this in Python. Earth imagery data is super exciting for a vast amount of Machine Learning use cases, so it definitely makes sense getting your hands dirty with it. Have fun playing around with the API and spotting the places with high density of Dirndl and Lederhosn.