AI Automation of Software Development

Thank you for this ongoing series — I’ve been intrigued since the first post and following along, always waiting for next week’s installment. It reminds my a bit of ‘Lost’ in this regard, mysteries upon mysteries.

Naturally, I appreciate a good cliffhanger, but I’m also slowly getting the feeling of being trolled. Is this whole series an instance of JJ Abrams’ Mystery Box? Teasing and teasing and never revealing what those mysterious CodeBuilders actually are?

You’re great at throwing out all the right terms like AI, Agile, von-Neumann-machines, but every time a post runs the risk of actually having to explain what makes CodeBuilders special it takes a complete left turn, opening the next topic.

These things are mainly defined by what they’re NOT — they’re not traditional computer science, they’re not Silicon Valley, and I’m pretty sure they’re also neither pink, monks nor elephants. It’s a very tedious way of explaining a concept.

All I would like to see is one simple example, comparing how a CodeBuilder architecture would solve a problem versus a more traditional approach. I’m having my doubts though if that will ever happen or if the last installment will reveal that CodeBuilders were all just a dream.

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