Enemy Of The People
Jean-Louis Gassée

“La société du spectacle” …

Thanks for this testimony, Jean-Louis. No doubt DT is an autocrat, and this resurfaces unpleasant rememberings to many people (depending on how old they are, and what country they have been living in). George Orwell is frequently (and rightly quoted) quoted to describe the present situation we live. Yet, DT has something unique compared to the past, and another mandatory reference could be the mythical “société du spectacle” (“the entertainment society”), book published in 1967 by Guy Debord. Unfortunately, I doubt it had been translated in English, and therefore known to US audience. But never mind, a unique Frank Zappa’s quote is enough to let this audience grasp some of its substance , and this is :

“Politics is the entertainment branch of the military industrial complex”

Frank Zappa