Homework Assignment (Pg. 83)

In order to create a “scalable, sensible structure,” the webpage should provide more coherent, structured paragraphs that condense the amount of information provided (pg. 59). This means that the most salient content is highlighted for the reader. For instance, although the site on the “Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden” tries to engage the audience by initially describing an interesting and simple setting, people may get lost in all the little details. Providing “hyperlinks” or other key words to better organize the story could help. For example, the article could divide the sections of this story by saying “intro,” “setting,” or “here’s where things get interesting.” The reader therefore can feel proud of the progress they have made when reading because they can figuratively “check off” different sections as they go.

Some suggestive edits I would make to this article include setting up the webpage to follow these guidelines:


The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden… Is Screwed

(Insert beginning statement that will captivate the audience and prepare them for the remainder of the article).

For example, “Although many people have heard of Osama bin Laden and his death, the story of the man who killed bin Laden provides answers to many unanswered questions the general public deserves to know. The man who killed bin Laden shares his personal story with details you won’t want to miss.”


(Start off the story by developing the setting/background info).

Rather than including so much dialogue in the article, insert more summaries about what was said.

(Include hyperlink to a video)

(subtitle) THE MISSION

(Sub-subtitle)STEP 1

(Sub-subtitle) STEP 2

(Sub-subtitle) STEP 3

(Break written text by adding a photograph).


  • Mention that to “read more,” the viewer can click on another hyperlink/tab to redirect them to another site. This way the reader feels their eyes are broken up and that they really dived deeper into the story of bin Laden’s shooter by leaving the original webpage.