Carve a niche, don’t choose one

Or how Underwater Kickboxing is now a thing

I was lucky enough to see Ed Dale speak at the ProBlogger conference this year and he said that everything is a niche. Once upon a time, we had to choose things that were ranking well on Google, but now enough people use the Internet that we can cater to very specific groups of people.

Ed described running course a few years ago and “inventing” a niche so that his business students would apply the principles to their specific area, rather than simply copying his example. The thing is, the niche he invented, “underwater kickboxing” is now a real thing. He asked us to Google It, and sure enough.

He also spoke about piano stool restoration—as if there would be such a thing—but he knows of a piano stool restorer who sells 60 eBooks a week on piano stool restoration!

The point is, thanks to the Internet, you can invent the weirdest combination of skills and interests, find your tribe online and create products and information just for them. No longer do we need to choose a hobby or profession from the list supplied by a career guidance counselor. If you want to be a fireman, train driver, nurse or teacher, then fine. But if you want to be a yoga photographer, singing accountant or a therapist for banjo players then that’s also fine.

No longer do we have to choose a niche from a pre-packed selection, we can carve one of our very own out of the ether.
What weird and wonderful niche can you create and own?

Dominique Falla
Passion Weaver