Tony Robbins is not your guru

He is not a passion weaver either

Three people mentioned the Tony Robbins documentary to me in the last two days, so I took this as a sign that I should watch it. Plus it is on Netflix, so why not?

I’m a fan of the man, but I haven’t really consumed much of his content, so I was interested to see what he had to offer.

The documentary “I am not your guru” follows Tony and his team for six days as they run a live event in Florida in 2014. Firstly, wow, what an undertaking. He runs a small army of therapists and helpers who guide 2500 people through the transformation process. That alone is worth the price of admission, not to mention the fairly impressive way he can cut through the tedious process of sifting through people’s shit in seconds.

As a live event therapist, he gets to the deep core of what is blocking people in a very short time and breaks them open in front of everyone to let the healing process begin. It was an eye-opening cathartic display and to keep up that intensity for six days is pretty incredible.

What I found most interesting, from a passion-weaving perspective however, was how driven and focussed he is. Even the interviewer was puzzled. We’ve all had troubled childhoods, why has Tony’s in particular unlocked this drive and passion to help as many people as possible? It was a fair enough question.

Tony doesn’t have the answer, but it is clear his passion is genuine and he has what most of us envy, a clear, unwavering path. He is pulled by a calling. A mission. He has all the money, fame and lifestyle he could possibly want. Tony doesn’t need to work 66-hour weeks. He clearly lives for those same high intensity moments the camera crew is hoping for. Those moments where he channels a higher power and opens up an audience member and redeems himself a little in the process. It’s quite beautiful to watch and incredibly rare.