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“Because it’s 2015” — Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

Otra Nación

President Trump promissed to buid a wall. A consortium of Mexican and American designers submitted their proposal to the US Custom and Border Protection officials in March 2017: a 1 trillion dollar hyperloop, and a plan to turn the 3,145 km (1,954 miles) long border into a 10km (6.2 miles) wide shared and independant nation with a local government and non-voting US and Mexican representatives. The hyperloop would be powered with solar farms, and the shared land would be the bedrock of a regenerative agriculture system that would become the bread basket of the two countries. The plan would cost approximately $15 billion — less than the $21 billion that the Department of Homeland Security estimated a border wall would cost. The designers also predict that their system would create $1 trillion in trade.

“The 19th century brought us boundaries, the 20th century we built walls, the next will bridge nations by creating communities based on shared principles of economic resiliency, energy independence, and a trust-based society,” the designers wrote.

We feel and hear Steeve Jobs wispering in our ears: Think different.


Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber gave the commencement address to Ivey League HEC Paris Graduate School of Business class of 2016. The video went viral. Emmanuel Faber’s day job is to maximize profits, and Danone is still at the heart of a number of corporate controversies: its marketing strategy to increase sales of powder milk in Indonesia where safe water is scarce was severely frowned upon, and its business model relies on a somewhat climate unfriendly supply chain. Yet as a leader abitraging between sometimes conflicting interests, Emmanuel Faber appears to be steering a large ship with the long view in mind. When he stepped up as CEO, he already had a number of bold and succefull socially responsible initiatives under his belt. Grameen Danone is one of those initiatives: a social business offering low cost dairy products to the less fortunates, launched in partnership with 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus. His message to young business graduates: “without social justice, there is no future for the economy”. He concluded his address with a global warning to the upcoming generation of corporate leaders:

“You will have to overcome three main diseases that easily come with the status you are now enjoying as you are graduating. Those three diseases are: power, glory and money.

Glory? Forget about glory. Glory is just a never-ending race that will get you nowhere. The list of Hall of Fame people is just there for people to look at their own names. They are not interested in any of other people’s names.

Money? When I was in investment banking, in finance, or as I was travelling the world as I still am today, I met so many people who have become prisoners of the money they have earned. Never get slaved to money. Stay free. Know why you earn money. Know what to do with it. Stay free.

And power. I think you can just look around and see many people who have power. They do nothing but make sure to keep that power, every day after the next. Power makes sense only if your leadership is a leadership of service. The question is: how will you find a way to serve a purpose. Purposes that will make you become who you truly are. Purposes that will make you become your very best, in ways you do not even know yourself.”

Téo Taxi

Uber distrupted the taxi industry with a technology platform and a clever business model. On the flip-side, Uber tends to avoid local taxes, captures value created worldwide to funnel it back to the Silicon Valley, and Uber self-employed drivers enjoy little to no benefits and work many shifts to make ends meet. Montreal entrepreneur Alexandre Taillefer was quick to see an opportunity for an alternative and created Téo Taxi. At Téo, drivers are guaranteed a salary of $15 an hour with regular benefits, including two weeks of vacation. With Quebec’s hydropower, Téo’s 100% electric fleet has a zero carbon footprint. Users enjoy an extraordinary transport experience and leave their taxi with a smile. Society benefits in many ways: with a regular work schedule drivers can make it back home on time to enjoy family life with their kids, and Montrealers are proud and inspired by Téo’s innovative conscious enterprise in motion. In Montreal, we see Téo Taxi as an incubator of joy.

Alexandre Taillefer is also a regular contributor to Montreal’s magasine Voir. In his latest article: “Être Solidairement Lucide”, he articulated his vision for the need for a new form of capitalism:

“Capitalism is heading into a wall if it does not re-invent itself. A new form of capitalism is possible and already exists. This new form of capitalism comes as a challenge to entrepreneurs to innovate new ways forward that take into account a number of social constraints, and to work in symbiosis with employees, trade unions and governments. Simply put, capitalism needs to become human.”

Think different

Climate change sceptics remain in some circles of power. If you take into account the TOFI population (Thin Outside Fat Inside), it is 51% of the American population who is suffering from diet-related diseases. It is the suffering of the working class that was expressed in votes in the U.K. Brexit referendum and in the last American and French presidential elections. Business delivers results at a cost.

As strategists and innovators, we keep abreast of business thinking and innovation tools and practices. We are grateful for the vast body of work that continuously contributes to stretching and enriching the thinking. Yet, to date, we have found no tools able to stretch the thinking to our liking. We came up with our own. In the weeks to come, we will invite you on a tour of our prototyping shop, where we break down existing tools and rebuild new ones. Our new set of tools comes as a set of wheels: the target wheel and the power wheel, for anyone to use and embark on an reflective ride of inspiration and re-creation.

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