Platform Cooperativism vs. the Sharing Economy
Trebor Scholz

Very interesting article, especially the idea of a cooperative platform. It is an avenue that I’m willing to try myself as a co-founder of a web platform. However, something must be consider in this equation to create such model: people! It is the main error of every single idea generated by left elite or as we could say «champagne socialists». They know all the best theories to plan our lifes in a perfect way, but they often have very little consideration for the people reality in their equations. Creating a web platform requires technical skill, but also imagination, innovation and lots of work, lots and lots of work. Is everybody ready to put such effort in a project? The reality is no. We all have different interests and people have many things to do. The problem with Uber, Airbnb, etc., is that people only see the «now», but they don’t consider what it took to get there in less then 10 years. My point is, if those company are where they are today, and not some other organizations or cooperatives that want the best for all of us, it’s probably because they understood something that the latter didn’t and will probably never understand: it is imperative to take people as they are and not as we want them to be.



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