Wine racks come in many different sizes

Wine racks come in many different sizes, shapes and styles and are made out of many different materials. Most wine racks are designed so the bottle can be stored with a slight slant downward. This ensures that the wine is always in contact with the cork to keep the cork from drying out which would let oxygen into the bottle ultimately spoiling the wine. Many of the decorative wine racks on this website are made of wrought iron as this is a good material for making ornamental pieces. It is long lasting and durable, can be formed into fluid shapes, and can safely store many bottles of wine.


We carry tabletop, wall mounted and free standing wine racks, cabinets and tables. Some of our wine racks have wine glass racks incorporated into their design. So if your looking to display a single bottle of your favorite wine or many bottles decoratively at once, your at the right place. If you browse further you will also find wine coolers and accessories. Our wine coolers vary from single bottle table top to multiple bottle free standing models and come in many different styles ranging from contemporary and modern to traditional and antique. Above you will see our current specials. They will change from time to time so check back to catch our new items, special deals and opportunities for Free Shipping.

Whether you are a weekend wine taster or a serious collector, there is a wine rack or wine cabinet for you. From the countertop wine rack to an elaborate wine cellar, the proper storing of a good wine can add to its character. An everyday beverage in many parts of the world, the benefits of regular wine consumption are slowly reaching America. So whether you prefer nice, woody Chablis, chilled to perfection, or a crisp, dry red wine held at just the right temperature, there is a wine rack or wine cabinet for you.

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