There’s a lot that happens by chance in life, there’s even more chance that occurs when we plan something beyond our usual routine.

I’ve known many dreamers throughout my life, myself included. We had big ideas and hopes of changing the world. Hope is incredibly important. It’s actually so important that without it, it’s rare that one would continue on, even with the most masterfully crafted plan or strategy.

The reality is that both are so important. Hope or belief that what we are doing matters and has purpose AND some type of strategy in accomplishing it.

Both are imperative because there are seasons where one will fade and the other remain. Sometimes both might falter. But if at least one of the two are in place, it’s much more probable that we will continue on the voyage set out before us.

In my journey throughout the years, there has been plenty of moments where I get discouraged, where I begin to wonder if what I am doing is utterly pointless or makes any difference at all; my hope is wavering. But I forced myself to stick to the plan, stay on course and push through with action. Inevitably, in most cases, it has brought forth a result that re-ignites my hope.

Then there are the opposite moments, where I am absolutely clueless of what’s next, staring at a blank wall, hoping something will magically appear, feeling like I’ve tried everything and yet nothing bares fruit. But something deep inside me knows I have to push forward. I’m reminded that I have purpose and often, it is the purpose that I have assigned to different parts of my life. This internal purpose is my compass that eventually leads me in a direction or sparks creativity to craft a plan or even modify an existing one. Many people refer to this as their “Why.” Some have even given themselves a life mission statement. These are great anchors for seasons that we’ve drifted from having any known strategy.

The thing that I’ve decided, though, is that there is no actual destination. And I like it that way. I’m not trying to just get to this ONE place that will be the thing I have been toiling after for all of these years. My life will be a compilation of many chapters each with their own set of sub stories that shaped me.

So if there are things that we want to accomplish in our life, we might as well just get them done. We do so by choosing to be people of the journey. By aligning our hope with a strategy and deciding that we want to accomplish things within our lifetime, and we make it so. Often, there isn’t a path until we decide to make one. We can’t begin the adventure we’ve always desired without first booking our travel.

There’s no more questioning whether we should or should not. We have nothing to lose. The older we grow, the more that rings true.

We do. Or we do not.

So, what have you chosen to do with your life? What beautiful journey awaits?