This is for the Strong Ones.

The one’s who refuse to be the victim.
The one’s up before the sun to get things done.
The one’s who sacrifice their own reputation for the sake of the whole. 
The one’s who push their own feelings aside so they can comfort others. 
The one’s who insist on evolving just as the Earth revolves, regardless of circumstance.
The one’s who refuse to allow failure to be a setback. 
The one’s who deal with their struggles in private and share what they’ve overcome in public.
The one’s who don’t allow quitting to be an option. 
The one’s who keep the big picture in mind during the course of a struggle.
The one’s who remind us that we need each other in the midst of chaos.
The one’s who’s feelings are often overlooked, because it’s assumed they will overcome.
The one’s who’s wounds are rarely tended to, because they are tending to the wounds of others. 
The one’s who continue to put one foot in front of the other after the world has given them a beating.
The one’s who may be broken on the inside but still listen to others. 
The one’s who push their own comfort aside to focus on pushing the world forward.

This is for you, because you bleed too. You just prefer not to draw attention to it. You are the proof that these obstacles can and will be overcome.

Thank You.