Gamma Phi Beta had our annual formal and this year’s theme was masquerade. Each girl can invite one guest and I invited someone I’d met in a fraternity this year; and it hadn’t taken too long to become best friends with him. Our formal was hosted in a glamorous building downtown and the inside was decked out in colorful laser lights.

To take a break from meetings, exchanges, and philanthropy events, we were able to spend three hours dancing, talking with friends, and overall just enjoying ourselves.

It was through an event like that that I realized just how many friendships I’ve made since my time in Gamma Phi. I’d like to credit these friendships to college itself, but in actuality, I may have never met some of these people without Gamma Phi. Now, this doesn’t validate the whole “paying for your friends” thing, because no one can credit their friendship to having paid for them. I’ve made friends with many brilliant people because we formed connections with one another, can make each other laugh, and can take care of one another if need be. Real friendships. But I do admit that our friendships could have never blossomed had we not had some ties to greek life. Now I can genuinely say that I don’t know what I’d do had I not met such fantastic characters.

I think a key aspect that people forget when labeling greek kids is that they have personalities. It’s amazing to meet people who you can make such unforgettable memories with. I’ve met friends who have made me laugh until my sides hurt and know when to be serious in order to give me a helping hand with whatever I need. They will walk with me home to make sure that I get back to my dorm okay if it’s dark out and I think that is such a spectacular quality. There’s honestly nothing different to these kids other than the fact that they wear greek letters around campus.

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