One thing is for sure, there’s enough travel blogs on the web to please everyone! Even though I think my travel blog is the best (of course I do!), there are a lot of amazing bloggers out there, doing an awesome job at telling travel tales and giving advice on the matter.

This list of the 50 best travel blogs isn’t based on metrics (how much traffic these websites have), because as a blog reader (and I read a lot of them!), I am not at all interested in those numbers, and I believe you aren’t either. When I am looking to be entertained with great travel stories, I want to find a fun or sexy or honest blog, not a blog that scores high at Google Analytics.

Of course, it’s quite hard to rate blogs as the funniest or sexiest ones. To qualify for an EPT Best Travel Blogs Award, the blogger’s website need to be full of high quality content, and the website design has to be clean (uncluttered) and enjoyable to read and look at. Also, I didn’t rank them from 1 to 50 since they are all exquisite bloggers!

If you don’t agree with my choices, please send me in the comment box below the blogs you like and in which category you think they should appear, and I will look it up!

To all the deserving winners, please feel free to embed the crest on your website!

I wish you some very interesting discoveries!


  • Young Adventuress — From the best hate comments she receives to her misadventures, Liz is entertaining us, that’s for sure!
  • The Travel Tart — Weird, funny, different. What’s not to love from Anthony?
  • What Doesn’t Suck — As stated on their homepage: Perfect is overrated!
  • Hey Nadine — One of my favorite travel blog. I just love her!
  • Killing Batteries — Bite-sized, travel-related quirks and news from Leif.


and gorgeous, and sexy! Her bikini pictures could make a Victoria’s Secret Angel jealous!

  • See the World In My Eyes — There’s something about Dennis, the German architect turned world traveler… is it the dreamy eyes or his short stubble beard… Just go see by yourself! You’ll know what I mean!
  • A Bikini A Day — More than a fashion and travel blog, Devin and Natasha know how to entertain the girls… and obviously the boys!
  • Hand Luggage Only — Hello Yaya and Lloyd! How you doing? Not only handsome, they are hilarious. My kind of men!
  • Lydiane Autour du Monde (French) — Because she is so beautiful, and there’s nothing more sexy than a girl having fun and experiencing extreme adventures. For her latest adventures, visit Lydiane’s Facebook page(it’s updated more often than her website).


  • The Expeditioner — Matt and his team are very open and thorough when telling their travel tales. Every post

seems to me to be a non-fictional novel as captivating as J.K. Rowling’s.

  • Where’s Sharon — Sharon, mother of 2 (the 3rd is on the way), isn’t afraid to talk about the beautiful, and the ugly.
  • Alex In Wanderland — Alex is funny, and upfront with her picky palate and latest surgeries, among other things. We get to know her pretty good from her writing, and we just like her even more!
  • Adventurous Kate — Well known solo traveler, Kate isn’t shy about her misfortune or even her limits. Very refreshing blog.
  • Never Ending Footsteps — Lauren is the most honest and open blogger of them all! She even gives us all the details about her expenses and unfortunate incidents, while being funny and entertaining.


  • Will Fly For Food — JB and Renée are very good at taking the best food pictures ever! I am always hungry after scrolling throught their website!
  • Different Doors — Revati and Charles are passionate about food and cooking, and it’s contagious through their blog!
  • Migrationology — This is THE food blog of the food blogs.
  • With Husband In Tow — As Amber and Eric, we are all yearning for food, wine and luxury travel!
  • Road Food — And for people like me who can’t afford the luxury, Jane and Michael are helping us choose the best regional meals in America.
  • An Edible Mosaic — Faith is tempting us with her finger-licking recipes from around the world and perfect pictures.


  • Switchback Travel — From amazing destinations to the most useful gear, David fills the gap between out-of-date guidebooks to hard to find quality information on the web. Very addictive.
  • Alastair Humphreys — As a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Alastair motivates us to live our own adventures and microadventures.
  • Expert Vagabond — Matthew is the kind of guy who will make you try skydiving when you are afraid of heights: inspiring, funny and adventurous.
  • Xpat Matt — As Matt says, he travels the world in search of new and unique ways to get into trouble.
  • Side Tracked — An adventure and travel magazine that offers inspiring personal stories of travel, exploration, expeditions and adventure.


  • Hope Engaged — Katie knows that being healthy is more than just physically: it involves our spirituality too.
  • The Art Of Non-Conformity — Chris Guillebeau dedicated his blog to unconventional people doing remarkable things, and according to him, we are all able to do remarkable things. Very inspiring!
  • Spartan Traveler — Clayton Cornell (not to mistake him with my husband, Clinton Cornell) isn’t focusing only on health and general fitness, but he brings the subject in a very manly way.
  • Don’t Forget to Move — Jules and Christine are traveling the world responsibly, volunteering and helping others.
  • Sick On the Road — This is THE travel health blog. There’s no taboo for Sam and Phil: they are talking about everything. I mean everything: from sand flies to crotch rot, and health insurance.


  • Souvenir Finder — Kristin embraces her uniqueness and allows us to get the vibe too! Kristin inspires me to go beyond the usual travel souvenir collection.
  • Solo Traveler Blog — This is not the usual Solo Travel Blog: Janice and Tracey aren’t twenty something escaping the grown-up reality. They are the grownups teaching the young ones how to do it the right way!
  • Man On the Lam — For the gentlemen inside us!
  • The Hungry Partier — Let’s party! I just look at a picture of Drew, and I want to party!
  • Where the Heck Is Matt? — You have all seen the viral video of the guy who dance his way around the world! Well, that’s Matt! Let’s go see that video again!!


  • Easy Planet Travel — I am so proud of my blog! For me, it is more than just a blog, it is my work, my hobby and my passion. And I think it is pretty! What do you think?
  • Emma Kate Co. — More than a travel blog, Emma Kate knows how to capture the beauty within the small common things. And she has a fabulous first name!
  • Ordinary Traveler — We discover a lot through pictures, and Christy and Scott surely know a lot about design and beauty.
  • I Am Aileen — I just fell in love with Aileen’s website, and no wonder: she used to work as a graphic designer.
  • Ken Kaminesky — Traveling around the world, 1 picture at a time.
  • World of Wanderlust — Clean and minimalist designed website with a plethora of interesting articles.
  • The Overseas Escape — I bet Margo can get anything with her beautiful and genuine smile!
  • Girl Vs Globe — Sabina, owner of the lovely happy lifestyle blog Girl Vs Globe, aim to bring us magic and happiness back in our life. And I think she is doing a pretty good job!


  • Y Travel Blog — This family has been traveling around the world for years, and I just want to be able to keep traveling at least as long as they have been.
  • A Lady in London — She has been to more than 101 countries! This is enough to make any wanderluster envious! And she’s sooo classy!
  • Globetrotting Galore — If I am jealous of A Lady in London who traveled to 101 countries, I obviously envy Gunnar who had been to ALL of them! I am looking forward to beating his ’19 countries in 24 hours’! What’s even more impressive is that he has visited that many countries while working full-time! Kudos to Gunnar!
  • Ok, there are too many travelers who visited all the countries of the world: I am jealous of them all!
  • Nomad Revelations — João’s unique travel experiences are so invigorating. Who wouldn’t want to live among an indigenous Amazon tribe (where the women are topless) or ride for 22-hours straight in a pick-up truck in Mali?
  • The Style Traveller — Unlike me, Bonnie always looks fabulous when travelling.
  • Goats On the Road — A Canadian couple, Nick & Dariece, who really made it in the travel blogging industry! Congrats, fellow Canadian!

You may wonder why Nomadic Matt isn’t on my list. It’s not that I don’t like him, I absolutely do. But since he is dominating so much the travel blog industry, I wanted to give other people a chance (I always take for the underdogs!).

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