The Story behind the story: Episode 1 “ Hello, it’s me…”

I wrote the opening scene of this episode while visiting my uberly talented director friend, Xavia Iniss, in his creative space in Adams Morgan,Washington DC.

Adams Morgan, Washington, DC

I think the fact that I was in the nation’s capital, and President Obama was approaching his last year in office, had me concerned about the countries state of affairs. To be more specific, I contemplated the state of society and pop culture with what was a perpetual “smh” motion. My neck is still sore.

So as I sat in Xavia’s space, in the midst of he and all his 23 and younger artistic ingenue friends, I realized that my generation had missed something. Most of us had rejected creativity and individuality, for reality TV and social media status and norms. As a result, my main female character, Monica, introduces herself to our listener’s as a woman who is questioning society and her role in it.

The Problem?
The Solution?

Monica is never without her phone nearby and is slightly manic about the activity on her Instagram page! She is the type to go back and forth with you in the comments section. Having just endured a very messy and public breakup from her high school sweetheart, who just happens to be a professional athlete, one can only imagine the type of thoughtless, nasty, rude and out of line comments she received as a result of her pain. Smh…there goes my neck again! Why do we live in a society where people feel it is ok to “chime in” on the lives of everday people? Not only do we litter each others lives and minds with “unsolicited” opinions, we do so in such negative ways. Personally, I have to REALLY agree or disagree with a post to leave random comments that someone may or may not read. I left a comment on an up and coming rappers’ post one night at about 1am, thinking I was safe, only to find out after numerous alerts from android, that not only had the rapper responded, he had proceeded to light my ass up verbally for the world to see! That was all the whooping I needed to learn my lesson. I have henceforth retired from the comments section!

Like grown women are supposed to do, Monica has taken account of herself and realized that she needs some help, a type of help that can’t always come from your mother or best friend. She decides to see a therapist, and that is when our little flower truly begins to bloom.

The end? Not at all…I wish life were that simple!

The biggest obstacle that Monica faces, is her love for a man that just won’t get his act together and treat her right. Like most young women who fall weak to a man’s money, and material luxuries, Monica has neglected her heart. Although she knows better, she is weak to the familiarity, the status symbol, and the lifestyle her relationship with her professional athlete ex provides her with.

This episode is the beginning of a trip down an oft- acknowledged, but seldom traveled road of self discovery, self-love and self- worth.