Today, there isn’t a thing I wish to report with the exception of my gratefulness. It would be foolish to go on another minute without attempting to display this overwhelming joy.

Within the past month of my life, I’ve had my degree conferred, lost my car to an unexpected engine fire while driving, attained a job with a nonprofit organization, grown in my relationship with God, spent time with with my family, became more involved with my church, made a stupid decision, and bounced back.

Along with those things, I’ve had the opportunity to receive offers for various opportunities including speaking at a conference and making further advancements in my career.

Life is pretty awesome. Unti

My life’s yesterday, did not include a report of gratefulness …

It, indeed, was envious. My life included lists other people’s ambitions and accomplishments and the constant punishment of myself for being “less than them”.

For being more overweight than them.

Poorer than them.

Less religious than them.

Driving an older car than them.

Then, finally, I received gratefulness.


It’s always been there but I'd NEVER saw it …

The thing is, you’ll NEVER BE GRATEFUL if you comtinually refuse to look at yourself.

Here are 5 Tips To Being Grateful:

  • Admit that you’re ungrateful.
  • Think of all the stupid situations you DESERVE to be in.
  • Forgive yourself.
  • Reminisce on your accomplishments.
  • Reflect on everything it took to be the victor in those situations.

After this, it will be clear to you that you’ve been reveling in the accomplishments of others, miserably punishing yourself for not being who they are. You’ll think back on those “activities” you’ve taken part in that should have ended your relationships, career, friendships, oneness with God, and maybe even your life. You’ll also see that it may actually be possible (shhh) that you’re human. After that, you’ll realize that you are one AWESOME creation with people who love you, talents, gifts, purpose, and potential to be all that you were born to be. :)

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