Moon sets like the sun

Into the horizon, it disappears like the sun. The darkness becomes darker. Like the sunset, it changes what we see but no one really saw the beauty of it because we were all busy sleeping.

When the moon sets, only then you see the Milky Way dashing over you.

Good things happen to those who wait.

I played my uke so the moon would go to sleep. And it did. It set at 2:40 a.m. As expected, the starry runway raced over us in the western sky as pointed by Stellarium.

Hitchhiking to the western galaxy and I look so lost

That was the western sky that afternoon. Imagine how fast my heart was racing.

I wanted darkness to come. I resented the bright moon that night.

At last, in the moment of true darkness, it came to me.

This time of the year doesn’t let you see the main part of the Milky Way in the Korean peninsula sky. That can wait for May. But the tail of it still danced in the sky.

I had a ultra wide-angle lens which only opened to f4.5. So I had no choice but to push ISO to 6400. This photo took 30 seconds to snap. My camera is Canon 60D. Not high tech. But hey! It’s the heart that matters, not the gears.

I could have bulbed but I was afraid the stars would move. So 30 secs was enough for me.

I don’t really remember why I decided to hunt the Milky Way. Maybe I missed chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland or maybe I realized this life wasn’t really for all of us, including me. But that week, I had something to look forward which made me feel alive.

Thanks @hayoungthegreat for this picture which you stole from the internet


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- Hitori Jun (A friend of mine)