A Good Combination or I’ll say a great combination.

First of of all I want to say that Hip Hop Boom Bap Rap have been a big part of my life no matter where I have been in my life I always have it in my ears. Hip Hop has been with me through my best times and my hardest times. It’s a way of life that has been shared through lots of people no matter what race or country it’s everywhere. It’s underground and its mainstream its in small poet clubs. Bangin in the bigger clubs. Taken over the concert scene to playin in the Super Bowl. Went from vinyls to tape cassettes to CD’s and now MP3's. Its always been there for me. Bootlegged tapes was part of my first journey. My friend got a bootlegged tape of THE CHRONIC and I was set on this fad of getting our hands on them. Up in Canada that was a big thing getting that album man. Dre and Snoop and Nate Dogg were such a great combination. They stuck out to me the most off the album. Not trying to forget the others but these three were my rap team. They spread out into so many different areas in Hip Hop. Dre went his way. Snoop went his. Nate Dogg got into the G Funk ERA with Warren G to make another great combination. RIP Nate Dogg. That was back then and all through those years there has been amazing combinations and the years before that time also. This is my opinion on what I liked and what I enjoyed not a statistic or billboard number.

More amazing combinations were there in the beginning. More of my favourite were Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth Mecca and the Soulbrother Brand Nubian Everything is Everything. Outkast Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. Das EFX Straight up Sewaside. De La Soul buhloone mind state. A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders. E.P.M.D Business Never Personal. Smif N Wessun Dah Shinin. Man these are most of my top albums that got me movin and hustling. Gave me that energy and confidence and understanding about the different avenues I would embark on in my life. We all share some of the same experiences at different times in our human life’s. Some violent some loving some exciting and adventurous. And we all share listening to music at certain times also. I know when I was listening to these artists someone somewhere else in another country had them bangin in their tape cassette Walkman headphones. You know the spongy fat eared headphones. I loved the scratches and flows and beats and rhymes of these duos and groups and I loved how they took over and followed each other’s rhymes and story’s. I’m noticing that there are a few combinations now of DJ and rappers and multiple rappers that keep the essence bangin in my ears. I notice an underground world where these combinations deserve more than some of the BS that’s out there now. My playlist now consists of combinations of artists and DJ’S that still try to keep it going. ( like its ever gonna go away anyways lol) That keep the Boom Bap Rap alive that keep the cuts scratches BBoy breakdancing MCin still Rockin tha party’s. My playlist consist of Configa and Hastyle Rhymes A good combination EP. Beedie. Demi Godz. Snowgoons. Gangstarr. Jeru the Damaja. Etc etc. again I listen to my favourite ones. My most played artist group right now is Configa and Hastyle Rhymes. It’s a good combination is a great EP to grab from Bandcamp. A Good Combination EP – Configa & Hastyle – Bandcamp

https://confighas.bandcamp.com › album

I gave some cash and grabbed this. Its got some great beats comin at ya from the beat maker Configa and the story telling style from Hastyle Rhymes that gives the beats a story to listen to. Every song on this album has a thumbs up for me. My number one on this EP is World War Rap. That song resembles how I feel about music these days. I don’t even turn the radio on. I wanna crash my car when the BS crap starts up on the radio lol. But this song tells it how it is. The essence is being fought through an underground world where war has started. It has to keep the fight going. Has to teach these kids the REALEST form of hip hop. They will just get lost in the shit they created these days. Anotha good track is Rap CPR, it talks about re igniting rap. Giving it a good shock so please stand back while these guys re shock life back into the mix. So again these are some of my favorites my top playas on my playlist right now. I would love to hear some of your favorites to whom ever had read this. Wether it’s hip hop or blues or rock jazz. I just love story’s about concerts and stories about life. We’ll someday someone will read this lol. And if u do like it or don’t but like it. Just like spike lees movie. DO THE RIGHT THING AND LIKE IT. Thanks

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