A straight talking MOFO that go’s by the name of Cole King.

K this was a break through interview with Cole King. I nearly choked on my coffee as it shot out my nose onto the table. I’m gonna get right to it for a great laugh for everyone.

Where did you grow up Cole?

-Saratoga Springs, NY

Home of the gigantic Saratoga Race Course in NY and the 3rd oldest in the U.S.That’s where I wanna be going to dress up in some old old 1800 outfits.

Growing up as teenager what was the artist that was most influential to you?

-Jenna Jameson

Now I understand why he chose the path he is on. It’s for the ladies. Hopefully someday you will be able to meet Jenna Jameson or have you!!

Who is your biggest support system in your life?

-My family and my business partner, Murph.

At what point did you tell yourself that enough is enough!! I am gonna go and get this dream of mine!!

-There was no point in time where this occurred, I just kinda always have done it because it’s always felt like something I needed to do.

What are your funniest moments you remember being in the studio. Jokes pranks funny mistakes etc?

A handful of times getting pretty messed up and staying up all night thinking you’re making the best stuff ever, only to wake up and hear yourself slurring gibberish. We pretty much always have fun times in the studio tho.

Must be a fave drink for the man.

When growing up, were your friends into the same music as you were into?

For the most part, yeah, we all liked what each person liked and we had common ground, but we each had our own individual tastes as well.

Where do you want to see yourself in the future?

-Cozied up in bed with Jennifer Lawrence watching movies.

Awe Yeahh man. JL in bed cozy fire in front of ya. Sorry this is his dream. I got caught up in it. Not like a threesome. Ahhhh never mind

Do you like doing shows on a personal level example a smaller venue( clubs). Music halls. Or do you like bigger spots?

I like smaller venues but I’d really love to do some big ass shows.

Your music has a chill flow, how did you find your style?

Over time you find yourself as an artist. I think people should put in the proverbial 10,000 hours.


What would you say is the best quality about yourself?

-I have a nice dick

At this point I choked on my coffee. And spit it all over the Starbucks coffee table. Sorry Starbucks.

If there was anything that you think you could improve about yourself what would it be?


Any shoutouts to anyone you want to give?

Shout out to Macklemore

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