Album: Hastilty H1

Release date: August 29/2016


Well let me tell you this about this newly released album from DR CONFIGA. Let’s begin with the origins of this awesome BOOM BAP dedicated creator. Originating from Newcastle, in the North East of England, and now residing near London, Configa grew up listening to Pete Rock and CL smooth.

These guys inspired his journey to show the world that there is always the essence lying in the hearts of men. And 2 music lovers can put it together the best. It’s always one MC with a bunch of producers or a producer with a bunch of MCs. He wanted to concentrate and form a duo, like the old school days, one producer and rapper, and so far they have released two EPs and a brand new LP. The remix he did of Razor Bumps was the start of their journey. The EP “Calm Before Hastility” was the beginning of the foundation of Configa’s talented work with HA-STYLE, followed up by another EP “A Good Combination”, both last year. Now he has created his full length LP with Hastyle

and this album being revolved around what is going on in the world today!! The darkness of men and the political wrongs being done to countries and humans. Configa’s diversity in this creation blew my mind. It is not a Happy Good Combination style. It’s a dark, behind the alley, street level album. With real talk and straight up truth speaking through an MC (Ha-Style).

I really enjoyed all of the tracks on this album. My favourite track and what I’m going to emphasize on is “mind Control” featuring EL DA SENSEI. This song in my opinion is the song fit for the American people who are intimidated and brain washed with the 1% ers and the higher powers influence to media pushed BS. HaStyle put his words correctly to this beat and spits the truth. As much as I know HaStyle keeps to himself in social media and doesn’t really interact with the fans. He still has his thoughts together on this track. Configa’s beats personify his mind and intellectual thoughts about how to put the noise together to make the lyrics come to life. If you know anything about BoomBapRap you will enjoy this album and you will enjoy Configa’s other creations. So come and support this awesome producer and purchase his album. Support the real music makers who travel distances to create and live the life. And believe me, Configa is a talented producer for any mc who wants to have some good music behind them.