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This talented artist is full of energy and is putting in hard work. Her team is made of some strong PR people and a dedicated team. I had a chance to do an interview with her before her new release.

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1. Hello Alicia. Where were you born? Name of city and street and say what schools u went to!!

I was Born in Buffalo Ny, US. I attended a private school from preschool all the way up to eighth grade. Then for high school I attended public school which I was always an honor roll student and graduated with a 95.7 GPA.

2. You have been into the Arts and Entertainment for along time. Experienced as a young woman, what would you say to someone who is starting their career young?

Some advice to young women is to always stay positive, focused on your goals and stay around positive people that encourage you to pursue your dreams!

3. Would you say the same advice to someone who is older who is also starting out?

My advice is to never give up on your dreams because dreams do come true!

4. What artist or band influenced you the most through out your life?

Some of the bands or artists who have influenced me were Taylor Swift because she talks about her life experiences and life events. Another artist would be Eminem because he always tells A great story and gives an emotional impact in every song he writes and he never holds back which I admire.

5. What does Alicia do for fun when it’s You time?

Things I love to do for fun besides making new music and writing new songs I love spending time with my family. I have three Chihuahua’s that I absolutely adore and watching good movies that make me laugh.

6. What is Alicia’s favourite brand of clothing?

To be honest I’m really not into brand-name clothes personally I just love clothes that are fun flirty and comfortable.

7.Who has been your biggest support system in your life?

My biggest support system is definitely my parents and my amazing Winning team my manager and PR agent Lisa Thomas and my music producer Lloyd Templeton! They are always there for me 24/7 !!!

8. What has been the fondest memory in your career as an artist?

One of the fondest memories was when I opened up for was the Goo Goo. Dolls on the main stage which was one of the high lights of my life!

9. Dancing is very strenuous. Have you ever broken any bones?

Since I was a little girl I have taken not only dance lessons but also gymnastics, cheerleading, modeling, acting, piano lessons and classic opera singing lessons. Out of all those different lessons I was very lucky to have not broken any bones knock on wood but I have had many concussions and I have sprained my ankle’s many times.

10. Do you have a favourite sports team?

Seeing I am from Buffalo New York I would have to say my favorite sports team would be the Buffalo Bills even though we may not be the best team I’m all about supporting my home team.

11. any advice for people who want to be healthy and stay healthy?

Some advice I would give people to stay healthy is to stay around positive people that lift your spirits and confidence up and avoid negative people that try to bring you down that is number one for sure! Other than that try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking vitamins, exercising, eating healthy and getting your rest.

12. Any shoutouts u want to give?

A special shout out to my manager Lisa Thomas who is the president and owner of LRT entertainment and who is also my PR agent and to my music producer Lloyd Templeton I can’t thank you enough for believing in me. Also to my parents who are always there for me cheering me on. I love y’all to the moon and back!

13. Last but not least. Can you tell us of any upcoming projects?

I am excited about all the upcoming opportunities that have came my way this year. I also just released my first EP called “The Real Me “ which was very exciting for me, which is available now. Especially The worldwide national release of my new song called “No Photographs “ which is releasing March 17th and will be playing on FM radio in the US and overseas in 52 countries. Also two more new songs that will be releasing and having a new music video coming out soon!

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