As a man, who is internationally on the scene, what do you find is the most important part about connections?

Drem: I am? I am not aware of that fact, this is news to me haha but yeah the good thing about connections is it opens up huge avenues for meeting new and interesting folks from around the globe.

Do you find that doing your radio station has opened different avenues to other business ventures?

Drem: Too early to judge at the moment but maybe the addition of the soon to be launched “deepstuff tv and deepstuff magazine” but yeah i’ve met a lot of cool talents through deepstuff radios 1 and soon to be added 2 and 3.

What do you think of the indie scene and do you find it saturated and hard to find the gem artists you like?

Drem: Variety is meant to spice things up, I’ve so much respect to every artist keeping up with the changing trends in music and being innovative. In what they do only thing is I wish they’d involved me a little in features haha.

Where did u grow up?

Born. in Port Harcourt grew up in Lagos and London.

Are your family members involved in the industry with you?


Drem: My dad was a photographer and a paparazzi often got in trouble taking photos of famous singers and popular folks but he had a great taste in music and the fact he was a terrible singer never deterred him from singing in the shower.

What was the hardest hurdle you have had to cross in starting your business?

Drem: Hurdles for me have been dynamic in nature over the years, but the most challenging of all is definitely ‘conscientia’ I’ve never doubted my abilities in relation to my God-given talent I however held conflicting views on whether or not it was the right path to pursue ethically.

What is your favourite genre of music?

Drem: Definitely without a doubt ‘kingdom melody’ but for the purpose of this interview I would say ‘country music’ not to be confused with ‘folk music’.

What’s a funny moment that always holds a special meaning in your heart that happened to you in studio or in your ventures?

Drem: I believe that funny moment that’ll always hold a special meaning in my heart is yet to come I’ve no doubts whatsoever, however one that readily comes to mind at the moment happened during the shooting of the only promo video for deepstuff records ltd to date (which currently is outdated and needs updating to accommodate all the recent developments and planned developments) at a studio in the Manchester area called the “the stables studio” where all six of the team members kept getting their lines wrong and we kept changing the scripts and in the end we all had pizza and booze which finally calmed nerves haha.

What would you say to someone who is just starting a radio show or just starting a label?

Drem: I’d say: “go for it!” if I can do it, anyone can! However note these words by Jesus “Who of you wanting to build a tower does not first sit down and calculate the expense to see if he has enough to complete it?”.

How do you manage your time with your businesses?

Drem: can I ask if you believe in miracles? That in itself is a miracle and I thank Jehovah God and give him glory honour and praise for that.

Any shout outs you want to give?

Yes I just wanna give a gigantic, humblest shout out to Jesus Christ for the ransom sacrifice and the greatest shout out to Jehovah God for making that redemption possible through Christ Jesus.

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