Bass Treble and dance. This artist is all about energy and emotions at a live show.

Maya Wolff

Tell us where you were born Maya?

I grew up near a little town in the south-western German countryside.

It was quite isolating living in the middle of nowhere but I think this is a reason why I threw myself into music from a very young age.

What is the music scene like in your area?

I now live in Brighton

and the music scene is amazing and versatile, it’s definitely one of the UK’s music hub cities unlike where I grew up in Germany, all those years ago, it’s what you could listen to on the radio or what your parent’s listened to.

What artist influenced you when you were growing up?

I was totally into pop having grown up in the 90's/00's I loved all the new sounds that were coming out at the time but as soon as I moved to the Uk I discovered DnB and more dance music styles.

What has been your fondest moment at a show?

I played a main stage at a festival a couple years ago at a university end of the year event and I bought some Glow-sticks that I threw out into the audience just as it was getting dark and everyone was dancing with them to one of my tracks, that was a great moment!

What was it like taking a picture with the wolf?

The “Wolf” is an Inuit Dog… here’s a confession… I don’t like dogs very much. They scare me! I was bitten very badly by a dog when I was 7 years old, it didn’t just scar my arm but scarred me for life. I have respect for all animals, but I’m just not a big pet person in general so it was quite a challenge for me and I wanted to do the shoot because of that, living under the mantra of “Do the things that scare you!”

What male artist would you love to collaborate with?

Either Benga for a heavy bass track, I love his track “Pour your love all over me”, it’s one of my favourite bass tracks with a female vocalist. Or for a proper EDM number, Zedd. He’s the dude when it comes to EDM, melodic lines, always works with great vocalist and writes tracks that are a bit mainstream EDM but at the same time they can give me goosebumps.

What female artist would you like to collaborate with?

Katy B – She’s been my inspiration in the first place to pursue the electronic/bass music world. She’s such a great vocalist and always so genuine and authentic.

What’s a hot spot in your city to perform at?

Concorde II is one of my favourite and bigger venues in the city. They put on club nights as well as concerts, it is right at the seafront and has a slight warehouse feel.

What does Maya like to do on her own time to chill out and reflect?

It’s very hard to draw a line between my own time and “the rest of the time”. I go to the gym but I also feel I need to as I teach dance. I like playing piano but again, that is part of my job as well as what I love doing. I find it hard to chill and reflect but I have written a diary since I was 9 years old – that’s where reflection happens. I have also just taken up skateboard lessons which is totally unrelated to anything else I do as I felt I needed something different in my life that’s not in anyway part of my job.

What do you think needs to change in the music Industry?

People actually getting paid for their work would be a great change! I recently talked to one of the label managers I released a track under and he revealed that even hundreds of Streams on Spotify didn’t even accumulate to a penny, it was something like 0.004pence. People don’t understand how much time and money goes into training and perfecting your talent and then creating music with it. It’s highly underrated, yet we keep going because somehow we have as it’s a true musicians passion even if it doesn’t always pay off.

Any shout outs?

Just a big shout to the universe for making everything happen for a reason. And to all the amazing producers who I’ve worked with so far! And to my family who will always stick by me no matter what.

Who has been your biggest supporter in your life?

My biggest support is my family. My 3 brothers and sisters I’ve grown up with have a very special bond, I know they’re always there to support.

What would you say to a brand new artist who is just starting out?

Be the best you can, be as passionate as you can and push as hard as you can whilst you still have rosy glasses on because it’s not an easy ride but it’s worth it.

What’s your favourite quote?

“No risk no gain” because “You only live once”.

A more light hearted German one is “Nach müd, kommt blöd” meaning “Silliness follows tiredness” – I can get super hyper when I’ve overstepped a few tired thresholds.

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