BlakJak a guitar playing mad man.

Well Jack. Coming from across the world. What was your first memory of music that you can remember?

My First memories of music was actually listening to traditional Greek Music that my mother and father would play. A lot of it was old Greek folk music from the 1950s post WW11. I started listening to western music probably around the age of 7 years old.

What was your first guitar or musical instrument you picked up and messed around with?

My first guitar was actually my father’s acoustic guitar the BALL when I was very young so it was probably made 1955. It was actually broken in half when I found it and my uncle who was a bouzouki player & luthier glued it back together. Started messing around with it in the family basement at Around 12–13 years old.

Do you still have this instrument?

Yes, I still have the guitar now and I will always have it. I will pass it on when my time comes.

Do u still have childhood friends still around you that u grew up with?

Yes, the very 1st band I played in was made up of my childhood friends. We literally knew each other since we were 6 years old and we played in a band together for roughly 15 years.

They’re still my brother’s to this very day.

However I have one brother who was in my current band we knew each other for 20 years but we became close through music over the last 6 years. Unfortunately he passed away 2 weeks ago losing his battle with cancer. He was a great man and I consider him just as close as anyone from my childhood. RIP Joel Swadling.

What kind of support have your friends and family been with your music?

My friends and family have always known how much music means to me, sometimes too much. They’ve always given me support. However my approach to music is like a one man army. It’s me against the world

I’ve always been this way. I’ve never stopped doing music even when bands disbanded or people around me moved on with other things. Music is my world it’s a blessing and a curse at the same time ha ha.

What’s the best bar or venue you have played in your life?

Fremantle Jail…

Why was it the best venue you have played at?

Fremantle jail is a piece of West Australian history. To play a gig like this with all the energy around us was better than any commercial venue I ever played in. I could name 100 venues that were amazing but this place is scary as hell and a great place to do a gig.

What’s the selling genre in music in Australia?

I don’t really know. Rock n Roll is pretty much the roots of Australian music. Ozzie hiphop is definitely doing really well these days but Rock n Roll has dominated for generations.

What do you think could better this world for artists all over?

Industry has dramatically changed from my era in the 90's. We used to have to deal with record labels, record deals and publishing. Now artists can pretty much do it themselves if they’re smart enough. Personally I just think that people need to buy more music in general. More specifically from independent artists. It’s pretty simple if you really like something, don’t just download it show the artist the respect and buy that shit. Independent artists do this sheerly for the love most of the time and if we just support them they can sustain a living in this game. These days musicians are only making money by live performance. BUY INDEPENDENTT MUSIC…….

How hot is it right now? Do u have Air Conditioning?

The weather is pretty sweet right now. However this town is relentless six months of summer and it can drive you crazy. It never stops. Yes I have Air Con in the lounge room.

Any plans or projects coming up that we need to know about?

Yes, I’m currently finishing up another BlakJak album which should come out sometime this year and also going to record an album that I meant to do with my friend and bass player Joel Swadling that just passed away. I waited the whole year to record this because I really wanted to do this with him. It didn’t work out that way unfortunately so I’m going to push on and finish what I started. It will be dedicate in his memory.

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