Bruse Wane is a hustla born with music in his genes. Always on grind all the time.

As a multitalented person with your hands in many different avenues in the industry. How have you learned to Manage time ?

Time is definitely of the essence, and waits for no man myself included. I still get overwhelmed from time to time, but believe it or not it’s simply just having things written down, and always visible is a great help. You have to prioritize and handle the big things first. Deadlines are important too, when it comes to time management you make them and you meet them.

What does Bruse Wane do when he has alone time?

Hobbies Downtime or alone time is very rare. In this game you always have to keep an eye on the competition. You are constantly looking for that new medium to promote your craft. You have to innovate and see the trends when they are coming.

I also like to shoot pool… I got a pretty good game. I enjoy a movie here and there and try my best to get in the Gym atleast 4 times a week if possible.

So being the CEO of Wane Enterprises and a rapper and entrepreneur of many other ventures. What will be your next creation? Anything in the future planned?

Music wise you will be getting a mixtape from me entitled TheBatMan. Featuring me spitting over some classic beats. You can also expect a new album at the top of 2017. I recently branched into the natural health drink market with a few associates with a sex drive enhancement drink..called the Nu Life Formula I'm working.

How long have you been in the industry’s game?

Seems like an eternity. I would say about 2001.. the Notoriety started later about 2005–2007.

What is your most memorable moment in the last 5 years that impacted that fire in ya to keep creating?

There is alot of instances that keep a person motivated. I believe one was the response I got from Hip-Hop fans when I dropped the

The Dark Knight Ep Return To Hip-Hops Golden Era.. back in 2009. Yeah the response people had towards my music let me know to keep grinding away. Before “The Earl Manigault Of Rap” you had The Dark Knight Ep, and The Dark Knight Album.. pick those up people and really find out what Bruse Wane is about. Going to the movie premier of Ice-T’s film “The Art Of Rap” with fellow Bronx rapper “Kool Keith” was definitely dope and motivating.

Any funny moments with artists that u remember or with creating ur businesses?

I remember chilling with N.O.R.E from CNN after a show we had at Don Hills in Manhattan that was an ill and fun night.

We did an on the fly interview and we kept having to persuade N.O.R.E to not piss on some flowers in front of a Korea Deli. Yeah that was some funny shit. Shout out to Noreaga and CNN.

Are any of your friends from way back still a part of your life now?

Man, time and circumstances cause separation. You know people have their own lives to handle so naturally you don’t see people like you use to. I got alot of my old crimey’s..on my social media. I still have a few in my circle but you know people grow and move on. At the end of the day shit gets real, we just a phone call away.

Which artist or business person gave you that drive you have to be innovative and creative?

I really can’t narrow it down to a person. I’m just a naturally motivated person. I’m just hell bent on leaving my mark on this world before I’m gone. I believe God gifted me with musical talent and a business mind. All praises due to the Most High. Yeah I’m the type of person that sees an opportunity and acts on it. As far as Hip Hop thats my first love. Music is eternal even when your gone. your music lives on. When I’m gone I want to be remembered for always bringing that DOPE MUSIC.

How do you think you have grown with the industry changes?

I love the new industry the opportunities are only limited to what your mind can conceive and dollars of course, but if there is a will there is a way. I have always known the way to truly prosper, in this industry its to be your own Boss. Independency means freedom. Freedom to create, freedom to eat off the revenue streams that you create. I operate outside of the traditional industry mold and that may scare some people especially these Ole Hash Gate Keepers.

Hands down…..what’s your favourite song or most meaningful song you have done?

I have composed alot of music over the years so thats really a hard question for me. Off “The Dark Knight Ep “Return To Hip Hop’s Golden Era” It would be “Dun Da Lye”Off the Dark Knight Album “The Day The Earth Stood Still” it would be “Milk & Honey” Off the “Earl Manigault Of Rap” it would be “ Hercules” Matter of fact I believe Hercules triumphs over them all.

Do u have any shout outs to anybody from the past or present?

Yeah shout out to my man James Dunn for holding me down on the promo tip..shout out to Mrs. T. Couture.. for holding me down..shout out to my bro and artist Fam-Illy.. Shout out to bro…Mecc Millions..shout out to my man Good Life Kay for alway having my back. Shout out to my man J-Sample for coming thru for my album release party. Shout out to Sean Price for jumping on my track cause he felt my shit was fire. Shout out to Ralph Mc Daniels for the co-sign and Dj Eclipse..for giving me a shot…shout out to all my fans. Wane Enterprises failure is not an option.

Failure is not an option, is a great motivational quote to follow always.

Thanks for this Bruse Wane.

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