Canadian grown and ready to make a dent into the hip hop scene. This artist is from Toronto Ontario he go’s by the name Nata One. T Dot city is a big thing in the world of music. So much has changed in the last few years and NataOne has some insight to everything about TDOT. Reppin Canada.

Where were you born in Toronto?

I was born on the east side of Toronto in Scarborough’s Kingston road and Galloway area.

I moved to Oshawa to live with my grandmother for a few years when I was a kid and then back to Scarborough at 12.

Around 17 I moved downtown Toronto to Parkdale and from there pretty much just bounced back and forth between Parkdale, Scarborough and the west end of Lakeshore.

What has been your best experience within hip hop?

Hands down it would be knowing that I’ve reached people with my music.

I’ve had people relate to my music in some really deep ways, I mean when someone tells you that its partially because of your music that they didn’t stick another needle in their arm or didn’t take their own life its beyond words and is something that stays with you, that right there is priceless to me.

Which artists out of Toronto do you want to give a shout out to?

Its a great time to be an artist in Toronto rite now it really feels like we finally have the worlds eyes on us and the attention we’ve been craving and I feel earning within the overall HipHop community.

As far as Toronto artists go that everyone should be paying attention to the list is long but a few that come to mind off the jump are Teknikkz, Beast aka Hank Mcoy, Friday aka Ricky Dred, D-Sisive, Progress I mean the list goes on and on and as far as beats/production goes the homie Sum-1 stays killing it.

The cities alive with great music right now and you don’t have to look far to find talent its everywhere.

Which artists motivated you to pursue your creative side?

I always looked up to the legends of the game growing up like Nas, Biggie, 2Pac, Wu-Tang, Eminem even as a young kid I noticed and respected Master P and what he did with No Limit Records that shit was insane I mean he built that company from the trunk of his car to one of the biggest most profitable labels around at the time even as a kid I saw this and realized how huge that was and that it was actually possible to really make it without a huge machine of a label behind you pulling the strings.

What do you like the best about your city?

The diversity it doesn’t matter where you’re at in the city if you stop and take a minute to just look around you can’t help but notice it.

The fact that I’ve grown up around so many different people, culture’s and ways of life has made me see things from a perspective that can only be seen from the eyes of a Torontonian.

I love my city for lots of reasons but that’s definitely at the top of my list.

It’s great to see where the OG hip hop heads like Maestro Fresh West and Mastermind have taken they’re careers. Where would you like to be in the future in hip hop?

Still making music and reaching more and more people with it hopefully helping them in some way that’s always been my goal.

I know there’s still lots of people out here that need to hear what I gotta say.

I’m just getting started if I’m being honest I got lots planned for myself and the rest of Outta Tha Gutta Entertainment and Gutta Lyfe Apparel

Do you think there needs to be a change in Canada as towards hip hop and the whole industry?

If you would of asked me this question a few years ago I’d say absolutely but the music scene and our overall recognition has been on a steady incline the last few years, Finally!!

I would like to see more accessible funding for independent artists though as well as more artists in the city coming together and building instead of the whole out for self divide and conquer mentality that’s run rampant in our city in the past.

I love the CN Tower and the Toronto Conventions and Caribana. Is there any other big events for hip hop that we need to know about?

Gotta S/O King Of The Dot they have opened so many doors and shed light on so much underground talent we have out here I give them nothing but respect anyone who doesn’t know about KOTD yet needs to figure it out.

We have tons of other Hip Hop based events every year though like OVO Fest, Veld or Manifesto that are always great times.

What would you say to a young aspiring artist. Who is doubting themselves?

Don’t be afraid to live life 1st so you actually have something to talk about.

Way to much of this cookie cutter bullshit that’s running rampant in the Hip Hop community nowadays is trash and rarely relatable.

If you’re going to try and make a career out of music make sure you have something important to say.

There ya go. My man from TDOT. So many things are beautiful about Toronto. Come support Toronto and Canada, people. Thanks for this NataOne. Check him out on Twitter at @GuttaLyfeTV

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