Tell us where u were born Danielle?

I was born in Barts’ Hospital, London

and went to school in Whitechapel, East London.

What was the first instrument you picked up in your life?

The first instrument I played was the recorder at school. We all tried it. From there, when I was 12 years old, I got a mini keyboard as a Christmas gift from my Mom and Dad. It had a Barry White

demo track which I copied and played to death…..

What would you say is your genre of music?

I have a broad range of music in terms of mood and emotions but I think my music is mainly easy listening or pop rock but with a twist which I hope surprises and reaches the listener.

Which artist in your life inspired you to follow your dreams?

It’s hard to say that any one individual artist has inspired me. I have developed my own style with lots of influences and I hope originality. I enjoy working at my own pace and independently – I can hear what sound I am looking for when I write and express myself. It’s a very personal thing and it has to sound right for me.

What was the first music concert you ever attended?

I am smiling when I say “Smash Hits” at the London Arena (now Docklands) in around 1990. All my friends and I went together and we managed to get front row seats by making an early start, sleeping over, and jumping the barriers.

What would you say is your favourite lounge or restaurant to go to in Dubai?

Dinner at my house is the best restaurant – the best food (I do a mean roast dinner) and has the most relaxing atmosphere. If I have to choose an outside venue, it would be the Irish Village.

What place does Danielle like to go to when she needs alone time and time to think?

I am always drawn to be near the sea because it calms me and clears my head from the stresses and strains of everyday living. It also inspires me to compose new material. If time allows, I love to visit Ireland whenever I can to connect with my family and spiritual home.

You have created over 50 songs and worked with lots of other artists!! What has been one of your top songs that you enjoyed making?

The development of my original song “Camden Town” was an incredible journey, written by John and I last summer, inspired by personal emotions and a storyline around a great location in the city of London. It is challenging vocally and musically compared to other songs I have written – it stresses me every time we play it live but the interaction on stage in the band is so much fun, trying to catch each other out…as long as it’s not me!!!

You have an excellent manager and friends!! What is the key ingredient in establishing this musical journey you are on?

Yes, I am blessed to have a small team of people who look after me and whom I call friends. It’s about staying humble and honest and standing by old-fashioned values and morals no matter what the cost. I am proud to say my journey so far has been possible by staying true to this. I am not motivated by money – if I was I would already be rich. It’s about trust and doing the right thing.

What would you say to a young aspiring artist who is new to this game?

Building your music takes years to get it right. It takes hard work and sacrifices. Real success, whatever that means for you, does not come quickly. Don’t sell your soul to the devil and don’t be fooled by fast cars and fast rewards. If you are serious, it is a personal journey and the drive and control has to come from within you.

Any shout outs?

My manager and co-writer, John Merrigan, who also plays drums in the band. The other amazing musicians I work with: David Barbour, Rick March and Jonathan Essick. The RealJonSmith who is our producer, and last but by no means least, Kellie Leigh from #ArtistsUnited who has done an incredible job to get the music out there around the world.

Tell us a little bit about your new album coming out in June? Can you name one collaboration!!

I am really excited about the forthcoming EP: “The Abbey Road Session”. It’s a collection of four original tracks which were recorded and mixed at the famous London studio. It’s a mix of styles and moods, including live band recordings. I hope there is something there for everyone. The tracks were composed in collaboration with John Merrigan.

What is your favourite quote?

“Do you want to do some music?”

Getting back to basics. laughing at the unhappy fake humans. Nothing matters as long as you are proud of your accomplishments.

Getting back to basics. laughing at the unhappy fake humans. Nothing matters as long as you are proud of your accomplishments.