Dreno Entertainment. Coming at ya with some serious tracks. The experienced rappers are always a treat to listen too. The story lines are a big thing to me also in a rhyme. And this team has it all. I had a chance to pick at Dre’s Brain the man who’s in control and it was a great interview.

Who are the masterminds behind Dreno Ent?

The masterminds behind Dreno Ent would be me (Dre)”.


Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Brooklyn. NY. ( Bedford Stuyvesant) to be exact Halsey between Nostrand Ave & marcy ave.

Who are the most influential artists in your life?

I would honestly have to say the most influential artist in my life that inspired me would be Biggie Smalls and of course he would be my all time favorite, then Jay-Z , Dmx, Jada kiss and the loxs.


Who is your biggest support in your life?

My biggest supporters. Would be my wife and my family for always pushing and believing in me to go the extra distance.

What is your funniest memory in the studio?

The funniest memory in the studio is when RHINO, my artist talked me into singing one of the hooks on his song. Knowing damage well I don’t sing or rap..lol “ priceless”.


What is your fondest memory doing a gig or concert?

My fondest memory would be with me being on stage with Biggie Smalls @ the Source Awards 1995.

What do you think needs to change in the industry these days?

What needs to be changed in the music industry today, is that we need to get back to real music, the basics where it all started from instead of all this watered down ,making no type of since music. Nowadays ppl tend to bop their heads to anything because there is nothing else to listen to, so their conditioned to just accept anything that these so called artists put out and it go’s Platinum, but if you ask the ppl what did they get from the music, they couldnt even give you an answer. I want ppl to be able to hear my music and leave with a msg & be able to relate.

Which great artists come from your area? And how far away did u grow up from them?

One of The best Rappers who lived in my area who ever did it would be Biggie Smalls himself, not only did he live 10 mins away from me but he also used to be in my crib back in the days rapping when I first was into making mixtapes. Maino from my hood up the block Nostrand Ave aka N/A Rock. Jay-Z also lived in the area from Marcy Projects and Fabulous who was like 20 mins from where I lived in Brevort Projects. Yeah so we had a good few to represent where I’m from. I definitely can’t complain.

What does Bedstuy stand for in your own words? What does your area mean to you?

Bedstuy stands for a lot of things, struggle, heartaches, pain, lost..what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger etc… but we’ve seen the best who ever did it come from here so it makes you want more and to push even harder for the legacy to carry on.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Where do I see myself in the future. I see myself as a millionaire who came from the struggle, but never gave up even when obstacles were thrown in my way, and ppl doubting me. . but I continue to push. because I knew what I want for my Family so I religiously train myself everyday to tell myself that. If you don’t believe in you.” NO one else will”.

What do you want to leave for the next generation?

I would want to leave the next generation real music. # music matters

That was a great interview. That’s a hot spot where this guy grew up. Thanx and respect to Dre at Dreno Ent and all the Fam that’s a part of his life. Keep pushing him. RIP BIGGIE and to all the great rappers who have passed away in our generation.

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