IIt’s a great thing when your favourite movies are based upon your favourite hip hop artists or the soundtrack.

I have seen some amazing movies in my lifetime. But there have been a certain few movies that I remember distinctively over the last 22 years. Now in those years I sure did go through a lot in my life. And these movies have always stuck in my head. Geesh where would I start off to playlist my movies. So tell me if you have any other movies to add to the mix that maybe I forgot or haven’t seen!!But these are my favourite.

Krush groove had a big cast of the top rappers and rap groups of the 80's. I was a little shit when I seen this and my neighbour was in the Ontario breakdancing competitions and had injured himself doing a neck spin and I had went over and he was all in a neck brace and whining all the time lol. But fuck man he loved what he did and he went back at it after he was rehabilitated. He was a crazy fucker that guy. Anyways lol. Other 80's rap movies were

Now I know everyone had seen this movie. The prep dancers and the BBoy breakin bangers. It was a combination that needed to happen to open the bridge gap between suburban and urban communities and culture.

These guys will always be in my heart as I was a fat kid when I was younger and lived making the famous fat boy noises. This movie was actually really good. I laughed my ass off as a kid and thought these guys were the best. That was an innocent time back then if you think about it. Rap wasn’t about the violence and BS.

These guys set the opening for house party rap battles and dance off competitions and high school steroid taking beer drinking gangstas who would fuck wit ya and to avoid a beatin u had to duck em. Kid and Play with their crazy high top hair styles and DJing Martin Dragon breath actors. Soundtrack was awesome to me back then.

East coast kicked this movie off with the likes of Ed Lover and his sidekick Doctor Dre and an abundance of rappers in this movie. Guru RIP. Salt and pepper. Ice T. Fab 5 Freddy. Kool G Rap. Treach. Ashanti. My man @configa’s top female rapper Monie love. Bushbuck Bill. Busts rhymes. Line gos on and on and on. But this movie depicted the life in the east and ye communities and the love that everyone had for each others well being. Back then we had morals and loyalty and the world wasn’t always about the buck. This by far would be one of my favorite movies of all time. The different people in this movie are far from normal people they have achieved so much in their life’s as artists and comedians and actors.

This movie broke the scene with Wesley snipes, Chris Rock as the crack head lol. I think this movie was ahead of its times. This played a big part In Hip hop with its soundtrack also F.S Effect. Queen Latifah. Ice T. Keith sweat. Plus the movie was action and action all the way through. Mario Van Peebles is a great actor in this movie.


Now when this movie came out its soundtrack was a hit in the hip hop community. Artists ranging from Too Short to Naughty by nature, cypress hill, brand new heavies. The movie was a break through for 2 pac. His working with digital underground had spread coast to coast and now everyone knew 2 Pac from this movie. Playin the part of the rough get it done muthafucka kind of guy. No holds barred in this movie.

This movie was an action movie with a dope soundtrack. Ice T and ice Cube in a song together called Tresspass. Sir Mix a lot. Public Enemy. Gang starr, black sheep, Lord Finesse, WC

And now for a top notch movie and soundtrack. Everybody and their mother seen this movie. This movie created football wear. Low riders in suburbs. Arms sales shot up from the Shotguns and AK’s and how they tore everything up in their path, like the pieces of shit who shot Ricky lol, and poor Ricky. Also taught us about the importance of scholarships and why you must do your best in school. And the soundtrack starting it off with The lady’s of hip hop @therealyoyo @Darealmonielove. Ice cube tracks obviously lol. Tevin Campbell. @mikeydstruction’s group Maine Source. @the2livecrew. @TooShort. @QuincyDJones. Like who has Quincy on a soundtrack John singleton does.

Poetic Justice. The beginning with QTip getting shot at the movies and the sexy Janet Jackson and her poetic misery and live crushing mentality. Had a crazy soundtrack also with of course 2pac and mista grimm. Naughty by nature. Tha Dogg Pound. Nice and smooth. Chaka Demus. @peterock and clsmooth. The movie had a big part of the 4 ppl drivin in 2 pac’s work van. Fighting and fucking and drinking. But in the end things turned out great.

Uhummmm. I’ll suck your dick for a cheeseburger. ODog. What the fuck you say to me. I I I I suck your dick for a cheeseburger. Pop pop. One of the most fucked up scenes I seen back then lol. This movies soundtrack played in my Walkman 24/7. I got a pocket full of stooonnnnes. That was my favorite song on the soundtrack. UGK killed it on that track. Spice 1. Too short. Ant banks. They are a great team. Fuckin MC Fuckin Eight. It was a soundtrack of gangsters. My man @peterock and cl smooth. Brand Nubian. Ice cubes branch Da Lench Mob. One of my fave west coast DJ’s. DJ Quik. This movie was action all the way through. I would never fuck with @eihtoeiht, MC Eight. He was straight up gangstafied.

Blood in blood out forever homez. This movie wasn’t by far a rap soundtrack. But it had this sick soundtrack back the by the likes of Al Green. James Brown. The Jimi Hendrix. Santana. War. The Isley Brothers. This soundtrack sounded so good to me when that philly blunt was in my lungs. I remember my Italian friend would always be suited up like he was in blood in blood out. He had the fat bandana around his forehead and dickies pants with a whiteT and white chucks lol

Now this movie set it off. All the scraps that happened in the theatres between the whiteys and the blacks. Young minds and expressing theirselves in theatres and fighting. Ahhhhhhh the good old days. The good old days. How could it be that it was all so simple then. Fucking busta rhymes. MistA Grimm. Ice Cube. And the sexy Tyra Banks who they shot dead in the movie wtf. Ruined her pretty face with blood what the hell. But Omar Epps slow motion reaction was the best reaction ever, soooo epic. Raphael saadiq. Rage against the machine. Outlast. Zane.

Crooklyn had Curtis Mayfield and Masta Ace. Special Ed. Beadie Buckshot. This movie was great too and soo was the soundtrack.

Chris Rock came with a parody of almost a generation of gangstas. This soundtrack killed it back then with the likes of public enemy. DJ hurricane. Mc ren. BDP. Fucking FuSchnikens. And of course the best rap group ever CB4 had a bunch of songs also on the soundtrack. Go see it and love it lol

Who can’t forget about one of the best BBall movies ever. Another gem from 2Pac. Soundtrack was killin it with the likes of The lady of rage. The Dogg Pound. Warren G. Wu Tang Clan. This was fave of my. Check it out.

Gotta give it up to the Master P. For breakin out of the dirty south uhhhhhhhhhhh. And giving us this movie featuring Mack10 and his soldiers. This soundtrack had some bangers on it. Check the cover out and u will see the rap roster on this movie.

Anotha Master P movie for Snoops transition over to the Master P enterprise No Limit. Features Silk the Shokker his protege.

This movie was the first time I seen Kevin Hart in action bouncing around in the film like always beside these giant humans because he’s so short which makes it also comedic to watch these bandits of thieves collabing. Bienie Siegel. Memphis Bleek. yo-yo. Jay-z. Capone n noreaga. It don’t think there is a soundtrack to this one. But the movie was a big rap movie for me because of the actors.

This is an easy one RZA and WuTang got this one covered. A story about a vigilante played by the man Forrest Whitaker and has a dark soundtrack with crazy beats. I liked this one a lot.

Now I’m just gonna throw the last of em at ya with the pics of the covers. You should know about them if you have this hip hop in your heart

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment on your favourite rap or hip hop movies. Peace out enjoy your day and throw some music in your ear and enjoy.