Joy Frost a traveller and a great voice.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Salt Lake City Utah :) I lived there for almost 21 years. After I graduated from Salt Lake Community College I moved to Germany to study audio engineering abroad. I’m now almost done with the program!

What was the first musical instrument you picked up?

The very first instrument I learned to play was the recorder. I was 6 years old. My dad used it to teach me how to read music when I was in first grade. Both my parents are extremely musical and they instilled that passion in me from a very young age.

What has been the funniest moment you always remember that happened in the studio?

The funniest memory in the studio I have was in high school on the set of a student film. The whole cast, crew, the teacher and I were all in the boys bathroom filming a scene when the teacher told me to get in the same stall as my crush. The whole class laughed and I was blushing bright red.

What has been the toughest hurdle to get over in your career as a musician?

A tough hurdle for me to overcome in my career has been discovering my genre. I explored a lot of different types of music as I was growing up. I dabbled in bluegrass, country and even jazz before deciding to focus in on pop music. I feel like I’ve finally found the right genre that matches my music and who I am as an artist.

What are the differences in the musical industry’s in the states and Germany?

The biggest difference in the German music scene is that songs of all languages can become hits! Songs in German, English, French, Spanish etc have all made it onto the charts and top 40 radio in Germany. The American music scene on the other hand has more artists that tend to become successful worldwide instead of just locally :)

What is your favourite place to have a coffee in the town you live in?

The best place to enjoy a drink is on my own balcony. It’s relaxing and has a great view of the stars.

What is your favourite restaurant in your city?

My favorite restaurant in Hamburg has to be Sushi Circle! It’s all you can eat sushi every day. That’s pretty much all it takes to make me happy.

What does Joy like to do when she is on her own time to relax?

In my free time I love to crochet as well as Skype with my friends and family back in Utah. I also enjoy meditation and of course, Netflix.

What has been your biggest personal accomplishment that you want to share with the world?

My personal accomplishment that I’m most proud of would have to be having taught myself how to speak German. It took me years of daily dedication but I can finally speak it fluently. I’ve always dreamed of being bilingual and Im very proud that I put in the work to make it happen. I can laugh together with everyone at jokes at the dinner table now instead of sitting there awkwardly. it’s the best feeling ever.

What do you want to see change in the music industry?

A change I’d love to see in the industry is for musicians to always be paid fairly for their services since exposure alone can’t put food on the table.

Any shout outs?

I’d love to send a shoutout to one of my collab partners, Axel Bauer. He’s a wonderful producer, a great cowriter and I’m excited about the tracks we have written together being signed to music libraries and regularly pitched to tv shows. It’s so easy to be creative when you have great musical synergy with someone.

What is your favourite quote?

My favorite quote is from Dr Suess. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

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