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Where does Matt Corman come from?

I come from Barnstable, MA its a pretty big town in Cape Cod.

When’s the first time you picked up a microphone?

Id have to say the summer right before I got into college. My older brother used to rap and record everything on a usb microphone in our house. I always looked up to him and I guess I just figured It was my time to try it out.

When was the first time you wrote a song?

Hahaha.. Soo I would always freestyle in the lockeroom during high school never really taking anything serious. My friends would always tell me that I could probably do something with making music so one day I decided to write a song and record it. It was terrible.

Who hooked you up with your first show?

Live Music Showcase.

Pretty funny story, I wanted to get my feet wet and perform live soo badly so I was actually searching on craigslist in the gigs section things like “Rappers” and “Musicians”. Sidenote to any upcoming rappers, dont do this! Luckily I got hooked up with Live Music Showcase and not kidnappers, they checked out my music and invited me out to perform a couple songs at the Hard Rock in Boston I was very unprepared, but it was a great learning experience. Met a cool dude who goes by Le Purpose, shout out to LE that guy can move a crowd.

What was the funniest thing that happened to you at a show? Or on the road!!

Ooooo I actually forgot my words so I ended up having to freestyle. My buddies were in the crowd and said something to me like “Yoo those were not the words in that first song haha.” I have no idea why I forgot them its like those two seconds before I started speaking that my mind just went blank and I just rapped about the crowd.

Who’s a sexy actress or artist that you would love to hook up with?

There’s this really cool blogger from Boston named Delaney .. If you see her let her know Im interested.

Who’s your biggest support system in your life?

Family and Friends. My parents have always been supportive in everything ive done. I actually had the opportunity to join a pretty big tour this semester but due to school I declined. My mom was convincing me that taking a semester off wasn’t a bad idea but I just decided against It for the time being. My friends have been at every show ive ever done no matter big or small and have been a huge support system. I can truthfully say that without them I would have stopped doing this a long time ago. Shouts to them..

What has been the hardest thing to improve about yourself to get further in your love for music?

Honestly I had to change my entire perspective on life. Sounds pretty strange but when your putting yourself out there in front of everyone to be judged, you tend to get a lot of attention whether negative or positive. I came to the conclusion that in life everyone is given different paths and its what we do with these paths that create our experiences and memories. Taking every situation and having a positive outlook on it can make your life turn around. I SWEAR I PREACH THIS!! Everything is temporary, notice in life how quickly things end. Middle Scool, High School… Feels like yesterday right?? If your stressing about presenting a project in class. DON’T, it will be over before you know it so create the best outlook on the situation that you possibly can and create an enjoyable memory!! I wanted to be sure that when I grew up I would never have to use the words “If I”… I never want to half ass anything, or else I would be speaking on it as, “If I did shows when I was rapping, maybe I could have gotten noticed” You just have to sack up and get out there and do stuff! Accept the fact that people are going to judge you, it doesn’t matter! Its your life, Just. enjoy what you do and respect those you love. Oh and don’t set expectations, set goals.

BigBoyDogg-Now couldn’t be said better than that this answer right up above this paragraph. This kid just summed up the secret of life in under 1minute. This is why everybody deserves recognition.

Any shoutouts you want to give?

For sure, first and foremost shoutout to my parents for creating the most handsome man in the world.

Shoutout to YoungRawTalent, Friends, Family, SNHU, Leedz Edutainment, KeyNoteCompany, Jake Milo, Big bro Sammy Adams who just dropped the best album of 2016 go and cop that!!,

MGMCEntertainment and most importantly the fans, anyone who has supported me thus far thank you for giving me the opportunity to live off of my dream.

Where do you want to be in the future?

In the future I plan on being an all around entertainer. I truly enjoy acting, improve, comedy and music. I also enjoy reading screenplays sooo yeah, just being able to make a living off of what I WANT to do rather than what I HAVE to do.

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