Mindset is a gem is this Canadian hip hop scene.

Where do you come from guy?

Small town called Alcona in Innisfil, Ontario (near Barrie where I live now for last 7 years),, went to goodfellow public school and Nantry Shores SS for high school, both in Alcona. Grew up on the 10th line with some of my bestfriends who I still link with today!

Tell us about your new Album Pedestrian Funk?

Pedestrian Funk has been in the works for about 5 years after being delayed for a number of reasons it is finally here for the world to experience! It features a mix of some amazing local producers Jordi Laforty, Cody Robertson (simcoe slim),Dj Skitz, and nick Knox all from the barrie area! The album is filled with some deep lyrics and was written during some tough times in my life while trying to find my direction and being stressed out to the max! It definitely has a 90's feel to it with the funky up tempo and unique style of beats along with the signature Mindset vibe!


Who was the first artist you heard that made you choose your own adventure?

The first artist eh…. hmmmm. well I was originally into classic rock before hip hop and played the drums a lot,, one day I remember hearing an outkast tune (probably ms.jackson or something and was blown away!!!) I remember Dre came out with Eminem on forgot about dre and that too blew me away with how people could put words together and rhyme while still making sense and telling a STORY!! from there I dug into the genre of hip hop and haven’t looked back since!!


What’s the best thing about your city that you want the world to know about?

My City!! Barrie, Ontario!! this place is awesome! the amount of LOCAL talent is just nuts! from rock bands to an overflow of hip hop music this city has it all! even street performers!

When I was about 19 my good pal Shane “LS” Dennis (another hip hop artist) with the help of an awesome little team opened a place called Unity Market and Studios!!The inspiration station!! This place is a world class recording studio and so much more ! Shane has been putting on the weekly Unity Cypher since then and we are about to hit the 250th one very soon!! artists and supporters from all over Ontario come down all the time to kick vibes and enjoy the atmosphere! its a special place! Barrie is definitely an artistic city!

What’s the best concert you have been too that have you inspiration to pursue your dreams further?


That one concert!! I would have to say LIVE 8 at Molson Park a long time ago!! lol not a hip hop show at all but I love MUSIC!!!

I remember I was hired to work this huge show as a counter attendant at some places for minimum wage for the day. I started at a Tim Hortons then was moved to a Pizza Pizza selling slices then to an ice cream place lol I remember the boss lady telling me I could go on break for 15 so I went for a little stroll… I managed to get super close to the one main stage during my break (like almost 1st row) and there I saw Bryan Adams rockin out, Neil Young and some other amazing legends!! lets just say I stayed at the stage haha I went back probably 5 hours later and the boss lady said hey you can be done now, go get your cheque down that way!! ……so yeah I got paid to see the greatest show I have ever witnessed and seeing the look on the fans faces while they played really made me want to be on that stage!! (funny story I will never forget)



Is there a favourite Canadian brand of clothing you love to wear?

I dig Roots clothing especially around the Olympics they are always supporting the Canadian flag and our “roots” as Canadians!

Has there been a tough hurdle for you so far to overcome?

Well having my son 2 years ago was quite the hurdle N life changing experience! Was pretty hard to go from party animal young kid to responsible parent the next day! now being a single dad I love it and wouldn’t change it for anything! Struggle builds character and man I have struggled with enough things already! Looking forward to what the future holds

Whats your favourite clubs to go to in your area?

Not too much of a club guy these days, but I always like the pub scene! The people are more down to earth and you can actually enjoy a conversation with someone! not to mention live music!! I like British Arms

here in Barrie for that, and Kensingtons has some damn good burgers!!

oh and who doesn’t like Hooters :P lol

Any shoutouts?

Ahhh add a shoutout to Christopher Sean “absent minded” mixed and mastered the album !

Was recorded at Unity Market and studios with James Dasilva

Shout outs go to my friends and family for stickin with me on my musical journey!! My best buddy Nick Heinrichs of 5IVE FOLD always holding me down! Shane Dennis (LS) for Unity and always havin my back in the hip hop world!! all my producers Jordi Laforty especially!! James DaSilva of the Lab Studios, ALL of Barrie Hip Hop for waiting so long for the album and always on the come up!! My partner in Rhyme Spenny ( we in a group called Poetik Civilianz, n thatll be coming in the future to blow ya mind), Toronto music scene for sure they always doing big things, and of course the big man upstairs!!

Who has been your biggest supporters?

Family!! and of course my CITY!!!

Do you have a female artist you would love to do a collaboration with?

Annie Sumi!!

shes got a hell of a voice! (Ontario too), Stinabomb

out of Toronto, Trilogy( still gotta drop a tune! lol), and ofcourse the one and only Lauryn Hill lol but that’s a dream :P

What male artist would you like to do a collaboration with?

Firstly gotta be K-OS

from Toronto! I am a huge fan and the man is a genius with his singing and rap style!!!, Shad K

outta London, Ontario most definitely one of my faves, Classified

is a no brainer, and this cat from Virginia Nickelus F!! been a fan of his movement forever, guy is a beast !!!! too many to name lol Babylon Warchild outta Toronto!!

Where do you want to be in the future?

I want to be known as a lyricist and firstly an ARTIST not just hip hop! I want the world to enjoy my music not just a select crowd!

Can you tell us of any upcoming projects?

Well I gotta keep a few things under wraps but I can tell you my second album entitled “ Heart on Paper” is already recorded and will be put out this summer!! It is much different from Pedestrian Funk and all the beats feature an acoustic guitar :P This one will rteally show my influence from K-OS and other artists like that!

Next time you feelin stressed or depressed crank that Pedestrian Funk n really listen. There is a deeper message than you think!

I love doing interviews with my fella Canucks. Thanks for the chance big guy.

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