Music Company growing faster than expected and 2018 will be an eventful year.


2016 and 2017 for whirlmusicgroup has been quite the ride. We have had a lot of great things happen and a lot of tragic events take place in our Camp. Myself(Travis Rump)

Left to right. Travis CEO of WhirlMusicCanada and partner/Vice President Of WhirlMusicGroups and Nino Villanova

have put our minds together to create a great platform for artists to get on the right track. Nino had picked up a group by the name of “Morgan Heritage”

and was put on a touring journey with them across the world to festivals and deep rooted live music shows!! He has learned of how a corporation like the Morgan’s has been so successful in their music careers. Apart from being the Vice President of the Georgia Music Industry Association

and CEO of WhirlMusicGroup he is also a grieving brother to recently diseased Mel Carter

who was one of the greatest managers in hiphop history. He was Raekwon’s of the WuTang Clans manager for almost 12 years and then went on to find and form Yo Gotti into the empire he is right now. Just before one of the biggest deals in hiphop history was made between JayZ and Yo Gotti, Mel passed away suddenly of a heart attack.

This put a big weight on our newly built empire and had Nino on a pure strength of will to keep the momentum going strong. He had stuck to his goals while dealing with this big loss and took all he had learned from his brother. Before the heart attack the two brothers where also working on getting an artist signed to Kanye West and it was looking good up until Kanye Wests massive social media break down. So 2 big hurdles put in our way still did not stop us from putting projects together like our MixTape “TheGetDown BoomBap Trap HipHop and Rap”

with artist such as Robbie G from Guelph Ontario and Mindset from Barrie Ontario and Cale Grossman from Northern Ontario, SOB’S from Ontario and all over the world, Sharky from London Ontario, Manny Cogeta(Cogeta Music) from Van city Canada. SPESH K from the east coast of Canada and Jordan Rhymes of Toronto Ontario. Jay Jefe from America and Iyzlow Matisse and Exzac Change from the Seattle area and ANG P from the states and Tebe Zalango. Some of the most unheard indie artists in hip hop are on this album and deserved the recognition from the world. We also released a few singles including a single from Black Mattic called “Pull Up”

and “KidDynamite” by RevRaps

as a hot new release to his newest album called “Don’t Tread On Me”

with music production from producers such as “The Cratez”, Lone Meraki and a few ghost producers. Nino had a chance to work with Morgan Heritage on their release album Avrakedabra

and Nino was asked to be a part of the management team which took him on the world tour with them!! “Nothing like hands on experience”. Now as a part of the Grammy Awards member board he is getting all the knowledge on what makes a star and how to implement a plan with Radio, Social Media, graphic design, distribution and most aspects that come with the business of music management. So as the year ends we are building our content up to bring in a few new sounds for your ears, with Pekèno Jo from spain

Mandy Bo from Toronto and Valerie Rodriguez from the Bronx

and Prince Perez from Staten Island.

We also have RevRaps newest EP also coming at ya. I have been working with some dope hiphop producers like Jon Glass(Token Hiphops manager/DJ/Producer and Team Back Packs hottest producer ILL Will to get some bangers matched up with my crazy spitting artists. This is the year for Whirl to step into all media platforms including Tv Shows and Movies and commercials!! A new beginning to a new year. Our radio show WhirlRadio managed by StilettoSupermom

also has been going under construction and is gonna set off some new marketing platforms for artists as far as interviews and blasts and rotation spots. We choose the best indie artists and put them out to the “Whirl” as they support us and we give it right back. Come join our family and get your artistic foot put on the right ground.