@PsychWord RadioShow with Rob G

It was a perfect timing to get an interview with this guy and to hear about the MAN behind the MIC.

As a host of Psych Word what do you believe is the most craziest thing about yourself?

I think that the craziest thing about me is my addiction to success. It is an upsetting for me. No matter what I do or where I am going, I am always trying to be better than I was yesterday. I have worked extremely hard to get to where I am at, and that is because of my extreme work ethic.

Do you and your DJ have a history together?

My DJ and I have known each other for about eight years. He was one of the most well-known and respected DJs in the state of Connecticut. DJ Chris Rush has been a incredible addition to Psych Word radio show. Every day I think about how blessed I am to be working with him.

How was your team chosen for your show?

I developed Psych Word radio show over two years ago. It has been my mission to bring awareness to mental health and overall well-being, without sounding boring though. That’s why we are very musically charged up, and have incredible celebrity and music guests on every show. I have had a couple different cohost throughout the time of the show, but I think that it’s because I am such a perfectionist and know exactly what I want, that sometimes people get overwhelmed by it. That’s why DJ Chris rush is such a blessing, he knows how to handle me, ha ha.

What’s your biggest OCD about your daily routine at your show?

My biggest thing with the show is that we are informative and fun! I never want to sound like a regular talk radio show. That’s why every time we are talking, there is always a hip-hop instrumental playing in the background. We are informative, yet awesome!

Do you get trolled by people on your show? how do you deal with them?

I wouldn’t say I get trolled by people on my show, but people on Twitter definitely try to push your buttons and say things that are not true. I think that in this day and age of social media, people will say anything they can to get a reaction out of you. The amount of people I have blocked on social media is pretty impressive, haha.

In your BIO. You speak of hurdles you have had to get over. Can u emphasize on that?

I never had a steady father figure growing up. Also, as a teenager I thought I knew better than my mother, and moved out at a very early age. Reality hit me pretty hard, and I realized that I was all alone. Since a teenager, I have had to survive on my own and everything I have ever acquired, whether it be possessions or moral principles I have had to acquire through trials and tribulations. I had to make some pretty bad decisions to finally reach a point where making a good decision was the only option.

Do you and DJ Chris Rush have a certain chemistry with each other in your own opinion?

DJ Chris rush and I have a great chemistry. I think the fact is that we have the same sick sense of humor, and passion for helping people.

Do you find the time slot you have every friday 6–8pm. Works well with what you want and for your audience?

We are one of the highest rated talk radio shows in the United States. It would only make sense that we had a prime time slot like Fridays at 6 PM.

When did u know u wanted to become a Radio show host?

I help people for a living. That has been what I’ve always wanted to do. I know the trials and tribulations I went through, therefore I want to help as many people as possible. What better way to reach people Than on the radio?

Who was your favourite interview and why?

I have had a few interviews that were memorable. Hip hop group Mobb Deep was incredible for me, because I grew up listening to them. Also, Vinnie Paz from Jedi mind tricks was also a personal favorite for the same reason.


Is there a blooper moment you remember all the time that happened in your show?

Not so much a blooper moment, but one thing that is great is that DJ Chris rush always puts together various radio segments. He does one segment where he chopped up a massive amount of my talk time, and puts it into a 30 second skit. He chops up and away to where it sounds like I am saying dirty things, things I would never say on the air, sexual things, ha ha. I want to smack him when I hear it, but I’m usually laughing so hard that I end up hugging him.

Thanks for giving me this time. I’m just trying to recognize the contributors for indie rap artists. And you and your Radio Show do deserve the rightful recognition that you receive.

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