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Ravage, repping Birmingham, England, is a beast on this album with a contemporary POLITICAL compilation of hard hitting beats and lyrical masterpieces that will turn that background noise behind you into silence! With Configaration Records behind him……..this album will get out there in the world!!

Right off the bat the first track ‘BURNING SPEARS’ gets deep in to its subject matter, peeps. The explanation for the reasons Ravage is here on this Earth are really emphasized in his lyrics on this track. The piano riffs and crazy trumpet sounds wake you the fuck up! What a great intro.

Grateful (Seize The Day)’ “Don’t grieve for what doesn’t come” – Is one quote on this track that sticks out in my head. This track is full of emotional instrumentation and lyrically is all about the struggles and reality of getting up and pushing through the hell to get to the heaven. Screw the haters and “Seize The Day” I love the drum beat! I was literally smashing the drums in the air in my car as passers by were staring at me with jealousy.

Memories Of You(Feat Tone Jonez)’ starts off with a piano riff that captures the mood and locks you in. Then the lyrics start telling the story of his Rose (chick) and about the woman being a mule and getting busted, which ended that relationship. It’s a track inferring how people need to wake up their brains, listen to reason and get off the streets and become useful in their community.

Prime Minister’ is definitely a suspenseful track with the instrumentation perfectly composed to reflect the evilness of the politician in charge of the UK. Ravage goes in on the “prime minister” and spits the truth and facts about this shit show they always seem to let happen.

Corporate Love’ is a jazzy affair with some killer trumpet sounds to start it off and then it cuts out and comes back in with the drums and Ravage let’s you know what time it is with the Corporate world and soul thieving fakery that takes place with these greedy people. “Round and Round Upside Down” is the hook and it’s SO true. Just like a roller coaster these companies will take you for a ride!

I’m Scared’ is one of my favourite tracks as it shows “Ravage” in top form. He relates that being strong brings fear with it too and being scared of what might happen is a natural part of growth. Stand for what you believe in and don’t falter under pressure. Keep your composure. The composition of this instrumental is unapologetically strong, with a crazy guitar leading the way!

Hot Potataz’ is a genius track! The producer came through with the best track of the entire album, placed in the middle of it. I love the way it blasts off in the beginning and Ravage goes in on the blind leading the blind and about the people who question him over and over about what he stands for.

Ruthless-Pragmatism(Feat Quartz Crystallus)’ – now this is a fun song and makes you move a little bit faster. I had a pimping strut in my walk once this track kicked in. It gave me that feeling, that a great produced track should! Quartz is a ruthless animal on this song! “Yooo I’m a rap addict and I have originality”, I said to myself in my head.

The Drugs Don’t Work’ is all about the trials and tribulations Ravage has had to go through since he was 19. Getting signed to Sony and losing that particular deal and then having a kid and subsequent alcohol reliance and all the BS that comes with being a kid that has a kid. Nothing’s working! The smoke isn’t helping, the booze is killing the body and now he knew it was time to switch the fuck up!

She Don’t Love Me The Same’ is all about how Ravage gave his 200 percent and it’s at a point where his chick is on some wack shit with short replies and emotional distance with some stone cold lost feelings. His chick went to the dark side and didn’t stand strong with her man. “Diamonds are built under pressure and gold is made with fire and heat” is a dope analogy for a relationship. Nice track to finish this album up.



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