Sarah Smith a Global star. You want a great live show to see. Check her out peeps and support a real touring artist on the global scene. I had a chance to do an interview with her and here it is.

Where were you born Sarah?

I was born in Guelph On

May 31 1978

My early years were spent in the town of Elora, ON

and when I was five years old, my family moved to a 50 acre farm in the village of Arthur, ON.

Which high-schools or colleges or university’s did you go to?

I attended primary and high-school in Arthur, ON.

After high school, I attended a year at Royal Military College in Kingston, ON….then I quit the army to focus on my music!

What was the first instrument you ever picked up?

I was put into piano lessons at a very young age, and was obsessed with music from then on. I played percussion and drum kit throughout high-school, as well as marching band drums in the military. My real passion for music began when I received my first guitar for Christmas at age 13, and started to lock myself in my room night after night throughout my teenage years putting my feelings into music.

Who was your favourite artist when u were growing up?

I was pretty sheltered as a child and teenager – attending church on a regular basis and focusing on farm-work, sports and school. I was always involved in the church choir and since my mom was the church choir leader, I was also given many opportunities to sing solos and be the leading parts in the operettas our church put on.

Once in high school, I started to be influenced by pop music – music I heard from my friends or on the radio. One of my biggest influences was Alanis Morisette. I learned all the songs off her Jagged Little Pill album and enjoyed performing them for my friends…

What happens inside you when your performing? Is it explainable the confidence you have as an artist in your live shows?

The feeling I get while performing is a feeling of “being at home”. I will always feel the best on a stage. When I am able to connect to people through music, I feel normal. I feel it is my place.

photo by Jorge Polio

Out of your friends when u were younger is there any that join your journeys when u get out there every year?

The friends I built throughout my youth in Arthur have always been very supportive of my career and a lot of friends from town show up at my shows all over the world. It’s such a SMALL world!

Who has been your biggest support through your career?

My biggest support through my career: I would honestly say that everyone in my life has supported me in my career choice. There haven’t been many people who haven’t supported me. My parents, grand parents, partner, friends, siblings….they are always there to uplift me and continually offer positive messages of hope if and when I may have an off day when I question my career choice…

What’s one of the best shows that you know will always be in your heart simply because of a certain situation that happened to you?

Best shows that will always be in my heart: hmmm..that is a tough question because every show is in my heart. I could tell you so many stories…from playing across country on the train, to playing in a hospital while someone was close to death…funerals….weddings…celebrations…large crowds…small crowds. Every single show has meaning in my heart.

Photo by Cheryl Mazak

What would you say to a young female artist who is just getting their feet wet in this industry?

To anyone getting into this industry, I would say:

Have fun. Do this for you! Enjoy each step in your journey. Make music and spread light. If you do it for the right reasons, you will always be rewarded.

Do you think the Canadian music industry needs to have certain parts about it improved or added to it?

Canadian Music Industry: I am not really involved in the Canadian Music Industry I don’t think??

I just do what I do…I play shows…write music…record music…travel around the globe…and am extremely grateful for every day I can be a musician in this life.

Photo by Erin Craig

Do you have anything coming up pretty soon?

Upcoming plans:

I am constantly touring.

I am currently on the train travelling from Edmonton to Vancouver….It is 12:30am local time…We will be arriving in Vancouver in the early morning. Then…I am playing a bunch of shows on Vancouver Island and heading back to Ontario for a string of shows around Canada Day weekend.

Then, I am heading back out on the road for some shows in Northern Ontario.

In the middle of July, I will be hitting the studio to record my third album, and this time it will be with my touring band!!

I also have shows in South Western Ontario, Northern Ontario, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Saskatchewan etc this summer.

Plans for the fall are a nice gig at a Mexican resort as well as a tour to Europe.

Photo by JMac

Which artist would you love to do a collaboration with? Both male and female if u want!!

I would love to do collaborations with anyone!! I love collaborating / jamming / co-writing. I believe music is something that works best when bounced between different people.

Bryan Adams – let’s do a tune.

Melissa Etheridge – Let’s rock the stage together!

What’s your favourite local restaurant that you go to religiously?

Favourite local restaurant – Mai’s in Wortley Village, London, ON. Best veggie pad thai on the planet!

Do you eat healthy and exercise to have the energy you have for the stage?

I try my best to lead a healthy lifestyle. I love exercising and I love to eat a plant-based diet.

What are your favourite charity’s you donate to once in awhile?

Favourite charities:

I like to focus my efforts on local charities that focus on Mental Health, Addictions and Injury:

Ie. CMHA, My Sister’s Place, Canadian Brain Injury Assoc, Im1in5, Addictions Services of Thames Valley, etc.

I also like to help out local families / friends / musicans who may be in a tough spot in their lives and need an extra helping hand to get them through the next day.

That always makes me feel that what I’m doing is actually making a difference.

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