Definitely more than 5 stars on this album!!

Scramn is the artist peeps. Album is “PayDirt” Gents and Ladies. Purchase this dope sound and bass pounding album here:

From pool parties and popping bottles and the “STAGE&STUDIO” life is an everyday thing with this team and Scramn Goolsby is bringing the #NewSouth with BubbaMathis(Sparxxx) and their team of skilled artists with this album “Pay Dirt” from Georgia and area!!

If you got a dope system in your club or whip and at your crib. This album is what you need in your musical playlist. Test the bass out and you won’t be disappointed!! I really enjoyed this whole album. Every track on this album is worked hard with engineering/song writing and most definitely that southern humour. There are a few tracks that stick out to me though and I’m gonna let you know my damn opinion!!

GET IT IN: FT Bubba Sparxxx and Rico Wade. Produced by Organized Noize.

Get it in” is what HipHop has been missing. It’s got that bass that makes a big fat joint and a car ride a beautiful thing. Sitting in your ride pounding the music in a parking lot at high school. Or chilling watching some Rippers(Canadian slang for strippers) in a club. Scramn goes in on this track. #NewSouth music is a good sound to put on blast.

WASSUP: Ft. Bubba Sparxxx Produced by PhiveStarr.

Wassup” is all about Scramn giving you the LowDown on his area and team!! All about bringing a team together and enjoying life at its fullest. Players and ballers need to get in with this crew. Haters need to recognize this team and bring as much attention as they can(lol) and soon they will fall into the sound and switch over. The time will come!!

ROLLIN: FT Fishscales (Nappy Roots)Produced by Ribah on the beat.

Rollin” is all about travelling to the next city and bringing in the fans to get a good thing going and dropping a piece of this crew in each spot across the world. Making it their newest home and bringing all city’s and countries together to be one!!

PRICELESS: FT Grip Plyaz and Mike Owens Produced by Mike Owens (BB SWING).

Priceless” is all about the friends, family and other artists who never believed in Scramn and the look on their faces when he comes through there area and breaks them off with a dope show or a good ole fashion ass whooping to show em that he means business!! But it’s the look on their ugly ass faces that makes it all Priceless!!

SKY: FT JC Produced by Insane Beatz.

SKY” brings a few talents to your ears with some great rhymes about making it, mixed in with some good singing over a beat and a dope story about Scramns fam that has passed on and wishing they could be there to see his heart and his soul that they had brought into his music because of the love and struggle he went through with them. It’s a song about shouting them out and telling them the love he has and always will have for them!!

So like I always felt about this album PayDirt and everything “Scramn” has put into it along with “Bubba Mathis” and his whole #NewSouth team. It’s an album most definitely to put into your playlist!! Support this Artist on his social media sites here and all the features and producers who took part in the process on all their sites and his:

Features include: Bubba Mathis (Sparxxx), Rico Wade, Nappy Roots ( Fish Scales + Big V ), Jabba Jaw, Attitude, Bizarre, Jarren Benton, Bonecrusher, Sketch McGuinney & Grip Plyaz.

Producers + DJ’s: DJ Chris Crisis, Insane Beatz, Organized Noize, Vitallaz, Ribah on the Beat, Phivestarr, Mr. Enok, Skapezilla, Mike “BB Swing” Ownens & DJ KO.