Since the beginning of time HipHop had created the Lords Of The Underground. If your BoomBap you know this name. I had a chance to interview the one and only DoItAll from the group.

What is the name of all your groups members?

Doitall/ Funke / & Dj Lord Jazz

Where was everyone born?

FUNKE & I were born in Newark NJ & Lord Jazz in Cleveland Ohio


If it’s just you Do It All!!

Can you guys/or you tell me which artists inspired you guys to pursue your dreams?

Doitall- before Rap music it was artist like James Brown & Marvin Gaye, but the first time I heard Rappers Delight by the SugarHill Gang I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Do you/group remember the first time you all made your groups first track?

Doitall- yes the first record we recorded & the record that got us signed was Psycho

Can you tell us of any upcoming projects?

Doitall- all 3 are working on individual projects at the moment. I am busy in production for my first of a 3 picture Breal with Shakim & Queen Latifah at Flavor Unit Films

What was a big moment for your group at a show?

Doitall- honestly every time someone books us to perform for them is a big moment because if not for the fans there would be no LOTUG.

What artists did you/guys collaborate with in the Lord Of The Undergrounds career?

We have collaborated with Monie Love, Pete Rock, Sah-B, Keith Murray, Redman, Busta Rhymes, Supreme C , Rated R, Dé leon & LL Cool J.

Who came up with the name to your group?

Doitall- Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy Khadafi said it in a freestyle & Marley Marl looked at us and said that should be your guys name.

Do you have anything to say to the young artists now?

Doitall- yes all I ask is that they be honest with themselves, use the elements of HipHop when creating & leave something sustainable while they have the platform.

Did you guys all collaborate with choosing the songs?

Doitall- majority if not all LOTUG songs are created with all of us or at least two of us.

What was the feeling you all had when you first held your first vinyl?

Doitall- for me it was a feeling of accomplishment. Hearing your thoughts & goals come to life is an amazing feeling.

What would you say needs to change in the music industry?

Doitall- The programming of the music on all media platforms.

I love the song Tic-Toc!! Can you tell me who thought of the name to it. And who wrote it?

Doitall- Tic Toc was a concept that I thought of but was written and created by myself, FUNKE, & Marley Marl.

Marley Marl

What are your favourite quotes?

Doitall- “You are, who you are & where you are because of you!”