Tell us where you were born Jon?

I spent the younger years of my childhood in a small ass town called seeleys bay..

I lived there until I was 12 years old and graduated public school at Sweets Corners .. the end of grade 8, my family moved into the city of Kingston Ontario and I started high school at KCVI..

I got booted out of there a couple separate times and attended a couple other schools in the city, but that was the main one..

Spent most of my high school life living in “Community Housing” as my parents weren’t very wealthy and I stayed there until I moved out at 18.

What was the first song you ever wrote?

The first song I ever wrote was called “Always a good day” in 2006 and it definitely wasn’t a good song haha!!

But as most things in life.. you’ve got to start somewhere and for me that was my first “step up the mountain”.

What was it like growing up in Kingston Ontario?

I would say kingston was a solid place to grow up, I was a pretty wild child and teenager, I can definitely attest that there was always some shit to stir up when I was younger..

I played a lot of sports when I was growing up football,hockey,soccer,baseball..etc

So as an angry poor kid!! It was definitely a solid outlet for me, for the most part it probably kept me out of jail and got me through my teens until the music took over.

Was there a lot of competition in the Kingston Ontario HipHop music scene?

When I first started there were probably 10 guys I could name that we’re doing there thing, when I was on my local climb I saw that number grow to probably 60–75 local rap/hiphop artists..

I wouldn’t say there was a lot of competition but there was a lot of people trying to get heard..

I’ve always felt like as far as hiphop is concerned in my city there’s a long way for another from here to go before they can say they have walked my shoes.

There is definitely a lot of guys trapped in the local loop because they view the local scene as competition .. so rather then seeing the country and spreading their music.. they stay in kingston fighting amongst themselves.

What artist inspired you the most to follow your dream in music?

I’ve always had music floating around in my head .. even from a young kid .. I remember dissecting songs on the radio and basically rewriting them in my head,..

One day I guess it just kind of took me over .. I broke my ankle and saw my football career end. Then I went through a breakup and I guess me and music just found eachother and never been apart since!!

What female artists would you like to collaborate with?

I would work with really anyone extra talented with a signature sound..

Lana Del Rey would be dope off the top

What male artist would you like to collaborate with?

The dream feature would be Eminem or Kevin Gates.. I think either of those artists would bring such a high caliber of talent!! And it would force me to rise to the challenge to create a hit. I always like to raise the bar for myself and I think either of those artists would make me do that.

What has been the craziest moment for you in your career so far?

There has been many,..

I guess if I had to choose one not too raunchy, it would be the time I had RA the Ruggedman crash out at my house!!

It was really early in my career!! Around 2008 and I really wasn’t making bangers yet, I watched him absolutely pound the sh!t out of the stage for 5 shows on that tour and it changed my view of rap.. he doesn’t drink or smoke or anything, he is just purely about hiphop and killing his set..

I took a lot from that…I haven’t personally drank in nearly six years.. haven’t been able to give up the herb but that’s about my only remaining vice because I want to have that same type of killer instinct all the time!! I would definitely say that week changed my whole mentality and take the music business 100x more seriously.

What has been a moment on your tour that has touched your heart so far?

There’s probably a hundred every tour I do.. but this past run it was just the support my fans gave me in general.. after I left the baxwar movement there were a lot of people that swore off my music on some cult shit..

To see the fans unwavering support buying tickets to my shows driving hours to support my people that know every word to every song..

It’s just honestly the realist connection ever.. I got so much love for my fans it’s crazy

You have your own style!! Tell us how long it took to perfect your craft enough to how it is now?

It’s been about a decade of toiling I would say!! When I started making music 10 years ago there weren’t really any blueprints for me to follow and everything was through trial and error mixed with faith and dedication..

I used to take so much shit for the way my voice used to sound!! It was like an angry growl all the time. Over the years I’ve mastered so much technically and gotten so much smoother in my writing and delivery!

I’ve definitely came miles and miles since that first song I ever wrote.

I met you once when you were younger!! Your cousin brought me to your loft apt across from the woman’s penitentiary and you had your studio in a bedroom and your closet was the recording room!! What have you upgraded since then?

That was probably right near the beginning of my career when I was first living on my own. Now I record in Smoke on the Water studios out of Cornwall Ontario with some label mates ..

once again that was kind of a trial and error thing..

Over the years I’ve figured out how to build a booth and how to properly sound proof and so many important things I didn’t know back then.. found proper engineering and mastering!!

I guess at the end of the day You can’t be afraid to make a few mistakes in the pursuit of perfection.

Any upcoming projects?

I just dropped a free mixtape through my Dot Com as well as YouTube for people to stream and download

I’m also currently working on another exclusive album that should drop sometime near the end of summer!!

What is your favourite quote?

I’m not sure who said it but the one that jumps out at me is……

“Fall down 100 times, get up 101".

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