Tell us where you were born Sky Renee?

I was born in Jacksonville Florida.

Super random, only spent a couple years there and then my family moved to Montreal, which is where my mom is from.

I lived in between there and a town in upstate New York called Plattsburgh for the next 8 years. My mom had a dream of living in Malibu, so we moved and that’s where I spent the rest of my childhood/teens. Now I go to USC and live in downtown LA.

What was the first song you wrote?

I used to write a lot of poetry and songs in HS without fully realizing I was doing so. The first full song I wrote with instrumentation is a song called all that I need. I started writing with a cowriter and as I progressed I’ve started writing all my songs.

Was it a live show you went too or an album that really sparked your movement when you were younger?

I think the concert that inspired me was seeing James Blake my senior year of high school.

I remember being right at the front and listening to all my favorite songs. I felt incredibly impacted by the experience and just remembered that it was all I wanted to do.

I know you have been an entertainer since you were about 9 or so!! What has been the trick to keep relevant to yourself in the music industry?

I think just staying true to myself, people really respond to authenticity and I think it’s the most crucial part about being a musician.

What male artist would you love to collaborate with?

My favorite musician of all time is Paul McCartney.

That would be the absolute dream. But there are so many people I look up to and would love to work with, I love So many different types of music but like Beck, J.cole and Tame Impala are some names that come to mind.

What female artist would you love to collaborate with?

I really look up to Rihanna, I would love to one day meet/work with her. Also really love Alessia Cara right now and think we would work well together.

Can you tell us of any projects coming up?

Planning on releasing an EP with some of the songs I have out very soon! Also, currently in the studio working on an album of all originals.

What has been the hardest hurdle for you to get through to get to the point your at now?

I’m also a Pre-Med student at USC, so I think the hardest part has been balancing school and music, while still having a social life to help me stay sane

What would you say to a 9 year old who is just beginning in the music industry?

Just keep going, some times people are gonna discourage you and tell you it’s too hard or you shouldn’t continue… but following your dream is so critical towards achieving a happy state of mind. Also Practice!

Any shout outs?

I just wanna thank my producers Eric Jackson, Storm Daniels and Greg Penny, for helping me gain confidence in the studio and making my voice shine. Also gotta thank my voice coach Ron Anderson, and my parents for supporting me through everything.

Who has been your biggest supporter?

Hands down my mom. She is the reason I’m still doing what I do, she constantly brings me up and gives me confidence to follow my dream. I couldn’t even imagine where I would be without her.

What’s your favourite quote?

“For those whom much is given much is required” -JFK