Well. This is my first article here. Hello everybody. I am a man residing in Canada. I love my country. I have been across the country and let me tell you the scenery in Ontario and BC and Alberta is so picturesque.

These are just a few captions from Saskatchewan and northern Ontario. I travelled by car for 30 hours straight from Saskatchewan to southern Ontario via highway 17. I never could have imagined the scenery I was about to receive from this fast but long drive. Such a great highway to travel on taking me through little towns that should have more publicity for their waterfront scenery and gigantic industrial buildings and the great national parks of northern Ontario. Kenora Ontario by far was the best town I came across. Just like my hometown Kingston. Kenoras downtown is also situated on the waterfront. A nice little bay. With walkways going along the water. With cobblestone streets downtown. This is a town I will surely be staying in soon. Driving for 30 hrs straight had me seeing things and constant loud music and yelling at myself and lots of water and colt cigars and coffee and even chewing tobacco. Kept the eating at a light amount. The scenery in the day time had me so overwhelmed it made the drive go so fast and being around trees again gave me comfort from my country upbringing. Living in Saskatchewan was boring as there were no trees at all. Just dirt and grass and tumbleweeds. Once I got into Manitoba the trees started to spring up. And even the smell in the air changed. Then once I crossed into Ontario the rolling hills started to hit the great highway. That made the drive very exciting. Not knowing what was around every sharp turn or long curve. It brought an innocent exciting feeling in me. I do highly suggest driving northern Ontario if you ever get a chance too.

There goes my first writing piece. Hope someone reads it lol

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