The essence of writing

I’m an entrepreneur and I run an Underwear production startup in the city of Akure. I’m a learner, I love to read which makes me consume a lot of information as each day goes by most especially from books, social media and sometimes blogs.

I figure out there are lots of reasons why people write, some do so to share their experiences, some do so to promote events, products or services, some helps us reports news and happenings around the world and lots more.

What connect all is the fact that regardless what you writing about, your writeup must connect and communicate with your readers. They should be able to understand you, relate and take or two things from whatsoever you’ve written. I’m not so much of a writer nor a composer of words but I do know what I’m looking for. So many writers make mistake of showing off their English grammar skills or their ability to compose words and forget who their audience is.

This has made me to reduce the time I spent reading blog posts and concentrate on published books which I believe they go through a lot of editing before release to the public.

My opinion: bloggers/writers should try as much as possible to make sure we the readers are put into consideration and write as if you are in front of us talking to us. Think about it, if you are in front of me saying this things to writing, would I get the point you trying to make. It think with this, information can spread wider, better communication can be achieved and we could all learn more.
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