2018: Going the road less traveled and loving it.

Kelvin Omereshone
6 min readDec 18, 2018
With at Start-up South Owerri, Imo State(that was my biggest smile right there 😃)

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped — Anthony Robbins

2018 started for me strongly with the event of deciding to no longer pursue my formal education but to plunge into the world of tech professionally. I’d admit, there were some nights after making this decision, I woke up fearful asking myself: “What have you done? Are you crazy?”, but somehow I felt it was the right thing for me at the time and I stuck to it not even knowing how it will unfold as the year goes on.

Enter WTN(Warri Tech Network)

I stumbled on

from an ad on Facebook, immediately, something in me prompted me to call the phone number on the banner and I did. I then spoke with the ED(Executive Director) of the Network, he was so enthusiastic about the Warri Tech Awareness week coming up, he kind of sold me on it.

This started my journey in the tech community

The event held and it was quite a success and it gave me the push I needed to speak to developers and connect with them.

Speaking on how to become a techie

I also spoke on the behest of the network at the Petroleum Training Institute, Warri, Delta State during the Awareness week.

It was amazing thank you

for the opportunity 👍

After the tech awareness week, I got a call from CEO at

offering me a front-end development role, I was blown away 😀. Got interviewed on the phone as well and by February, I was working with . Frankly working here has been quite thrilling and challenging.

I moved down to Ozoro in Delta State where the

office was. It has been awesome so far, working with amazing developers and non-tech colleagues.

Had the privilege to be at Startup South Owerri, Imo State representing

with where I met my tech mother: — this woman is super and also the legendary .

Brief love story(Not Romeo and Juliet though)

In 2018, I finally had the nerves to go all in with the girl of my dreams and every day from then on feels like the first time we met. She has really inspired me to be more. Thanks, Blessing, you are the best. 😍😘

and GDG

Dope Couples! 😍

I met

during the ’s tech awareness week and he struck me as a person to talk to. His rendition of the story and resonated well with me. I have read about but he made me see it in another light. One word: INSPIRED.


I have been privileged to speak at the mobile web certification study jam hosted by GDG Warri, a discussion panelist at Google I/O extended Warri, attend DevFest Warri and DevFest Uyo. All experiences were epic! Also met and a lot of cool and wonderful people through him. You rock .

Fireside chat at Google I/O Extended Warri — (middle), (Speaking) and yours truly keenly listening 😺

A thousand loop of motivation with Forloop Africa 😍

I attended my very first forloop event this year — Forloop Asaba. It was awesome, met for the first time

(the bahdcoder), , and a host of astonishing developers— these guys really inspired me so much that I went on to speak at Forloop Warri much later after the encounter(article here). Thanks, Forloop, you guys are doing great! Check article on the event(Spoiler alert!: he also gave away his slides in that article)

Forloop Asaba — Danitto Ekpo a.k.a Codejollof

Laravel Nigeria — Warri

Had the privilege of giving an intro live coding session to Laravel at Laravel Warri(My first live coding ever!).

Some more scenes….

Devfest Uyo - With
Django girls Bayelsa
Devfest Uyo — With

Back to school?

Ironically, I was also privileged to give a talk on Git and Github at Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro where I didn’t complete my Computer Science ND programme 😏. The host of the program was

2018 was indeed a blessing for me. Here are more highlight moments in no particular order.

How about my skills?

I have had practice and loving the following technologies:

  • React
  • AdonisJS
  • Webpack and front-end toolings
  • Vuex and Redux
  • Git and Git workflows
  • Collaboration on github
  • Fundamentals of UX
  • Product Design and Management
  • Flexbox and grid
  • and lots more….


I can see a lot of articles writing and speaking in my 2019. Also making

the go-to solution for off-campus accommodations rental in Nigeria. And also building and collaborating actively in open source projects. making the love of my life happier than she was in 2018 is a priority 😏.

Happily Ever After? Still keep it, Rollin!

Big shout out to

, his yearly review inspired this.

Unicodeveloper — Devfest Uyo

Also special appreciations to every developer, content providers, YouTube channels,

authors whose resources I have drunk from in 2018. You guys rock 🤘

To all young aspiring developers and solution providers out there, the world is yours if you want it.

Merry Christmas. Here is to an amazing 2019. Have a daring new year!



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