The internal battle we have to overcome every day is one that everyone knows. Fighting is a part of every day life and it can become tiresome. Whether it be fighting for a promotion at work, fighting for your loved ones to prevent self-destruction or fighting something more sinister like an illness or addiction is something everyone can relate to.

Learning to accept who you are, embrace the grind and work is the key to success in any walk of life. Having the self discipline to close Facebook, not open that can of beer, not light that spliff and open your work and just crack on when other people aren’t.

I have spent many a night recently, staying up late, working on a new project but other aspects of my life suffer from doing so. We all make sacrifices to better ourself, to eventually make what we love doing our full time job. You will never have to work another day of your life if your ‘work’ is doing something you enjoy doing.

I saw a video yesterday and it was talking about how much of our life is actually spent working and how important it is to spend our ‘working years’ doing something we enjoy rather than making the fat cats of society richer and the poor poorer.

Working a 9–5 Monday-Saturday is life for some people, for some it is not. I am currently stuck in that grind, doing what I can outside of those hours to try and make myself successful but sometimes doubt creeps in and the questions begin…

“Is it really worth it?” “Why am I doing this?” “Would it be easier not to do what I’m doing?”

All valid questions in their own right because, as previously mentioned, if you’re investing so much of yourself into one aspect of your life then others will suffer. Finding the right balance is key to a good life. Happiness isn’t measured by ones bank account, the possessions you own or the clothes you wear but measured by how satisfied you are with your life, your family and the stories you will have to pass on one day.

Fighting is a big part of my life. I write about it every day. Yet the biggest fight I have to have everyday is with myself to make sure I am good to keep going. Doing what I do to make myself better and grow as a person. How I do that?

  • I remind myself every day why I do what I do.
  • I evaluate what was accomplished that day and see what I can do the next day.
  • I set short, medium and long term goals as regular check-in points to see how progress is being made.

I’m not saying this will work for you, rather spend some time and think about what you want from your life. It’s never too late to do what you love. The dream job, the travelling, the life experiences.

The last thing I wanna do when I get old is wish I had done something different. Pushed that extra bit further when I laid in bed instead of going out and networking, meeting people and sharing the experiences with other people.

My ramblings may not make much sense to anyone, they may not actually make any sense to me either when I read it back but… in the moment, the narrative was abstract at best in my head. Take from it what you will. Most people do anyway.

Passion. Love. Depression. Avoidance.