Life can be stressful; when our cars break down, we get them fixed. When we break down or face mental health challenges, are we as quick to get help?

While on holiday a few weeks ago, I had a warning light flash up on our car dashboard. The immediate question was do I ignore it until I get home or do I do something about it? The obvious and right answer — which didn’t take too much time to work out — was to do something about it.

I wonder if it is the same for us as individuals? When…

This article originally appeared in the Public Services Transformation Academy 2018 Report — The State of Transformation.

Carillion going into liquidation in January 2018 might have been a shock for the Government. It wasn’t for many of the charities and social enterprises delivering public services. They’d seen first hand how government commissioning had become a competition for FTSE 100 companies to race to the bottom in terms of price, stripping social impact — and any margin — out of contracts and, all the while, paying their CEOs multi-million pound salaries. …

So… As friends have joked with me recently, I’ve finally come of middle age — last week I had my 30th birthday. This made me think, what have I learnt in my 20s — and the answer was a lot. Why? Because I’ve made lots of mistakes (how I learn most of my lessons) but also had a lot of fun.

  1. Failure is hard but learning from its lessons is priceless As I just said, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. In my early 20s, I led a youth group and it didn’t go well — in fact it went…

Time shows us what some of the successful social innovations are; examples include Teach for America and it’s UK equivalent Teach First, The Big Issue, Divine Chocolate and Grameen Bank. They have transformed teaching in inner-city schools, the lives of homeless people, the earnings of farmers in the developing world and some of the world’s most deprived — turning them into successful entrepreneurs through microfinance.

But, how can we tell whether a socially innovative idea has the power to be transformative or not? …

Dominic Llewellyn

Husband, Dad. Strategist, Innovator, Social Entrepreneur, Connector, Policy Maker, Trustee @Home4Gd, @WEF @GlobalShapers.

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